Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

As the green energy demand is higher and higher, we research and developed some big Lithium ion polymer battery cells for the market. 3.7V15000mAh or much more higher battery is will be the higher capacity for energy storage system use. Scan the below table or write email to tell us your requirement in details please .

Product Details

For big capacity lipolymer battery, we maily produce with NMC and Li-phosphate(LFP) now.

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery cell(001)


· Long cycle life

· Light weight and small size and with high capacity and volts

· Reliable and predictable performance

· Resistant to abuse; electrical, mechanical and environmental friendly 

· Low maintenance

· Low installation and life cycle cost

· Negligible gassing (VR batteries)

· Excellent low and high rate discharge current

Packaging and Shipping:

Lithium Polymer Battery will be put in one paper box , then in paper carton( Qty/CTN can be customized), Then stripped with pallet.

25-35  Days

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