Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery For Smart Wear

LIPOWER ENERGY can manufacture lithium ion polymer battery 3.7V 42mAh model no. 541112 for true wireless stereo (TWS),We are specialized in developing and researching of lithium battery pack for more than 10 years, We adhere to every detection step strictly to ensure the quality of product customer receive. For more models, Please send email or call us for the last information.
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Product Details

Product Parameters:

                         Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery For Smart Wear 3.7V 42mAh (Model No.:541112)





Nominal Voltage


Battery Type

Lithium Polymer Battery

Nominal Capacity


Design Scheme


Minimum Capacity

40mAh(0.2C discharge)

Typical Capacity

42mAh(0.2C discharge)

Charging Voltage


Discharging Cut-off Voltage


Standard Charging


Max Charging


Standard Discharging


Max Discharging

1.0C/3.0V(Peak 1.5C)

Shipment Voltage


Battery Pack Impedance


Max Charge Current

0°C~10°C 0.2C max

Max Discharge Current

-20°C~0°C 0.2C max

10°C~20°C 0.5C max

0°C~25°C 0.5C max

20°C~45°C 1.0C max

25°C~60°C 1.0C max




Approx. 1.2g

Using Environment

Charge Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature

20 ± 45°C

Storage Environment
     (At 50% SOC and specified temp, recoverable capacity in % vs. time. )

-10℃~25℃  (12 months ≥85%)

-10℃~35℃  (6 months  ≥85%)

-10℃~45℃  (1 month   ≥90%)

20±5℃ is the recommended storage temperature

Charging Attention:

  - Charging current and charging voltage should be less than what specified in the specification.

  - The charger shall be designed to comply with the specification.

polymer batteries

Key Features:

  - Supply ability:150000 sets per month to ensure prompt and timely delivery.

  - All specification,size,capacity and package can be customized.

  - Injection Technology to make li-ion battery more stable;

  - Li polymer battery With short-circuit protection function, safe and reliable;

  - Up to 500 cycles life,low self-discharge,no memory effect;

  - Li ion battery with factory mastered technology and competitive price;

Battery OEM Service:

  - Selected color of shrinkable tube.

  - Selected Discharge plug and Balance connector.

  - High quality OEM label are welcomed.

Certification & Test Report: CE, RoHS,UL,SGS, UN38.3, MSDS,IEC61233


  - Please charge the battery 60% full by 0.5C charging current every 3 months.

  - Before Use the battery, carefully read the instruction manual and battery labels on the surface.

  - Need to use the original battery charger, and should be placed in a dry ventilated place.

  - When long time not in use, keep the battery 50% full, remove the batteries from the device to avoid  metal contact causing short-circuit or damage.

  - Ensure to connect the positive and negative correctly.

  - When using, keep away from heat,high pressure place, and do not beat, hit the battery.

  - Remove used batteries from the equipment,do not put into fire or water.

lithium ion polymer batteries

Packaging and Shipping:

-Package:Insulating bag - Plastic tray -> Carton -> Pallet with filming

-Package includes: Lithium ion polymer battery 1PC

-Delivery time: 25-30 Days

-12 months warranty

li polymer batteries

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