18650 Battery for Vapor Smoke

18650 battery VTC4 30A max. discharge current is very popular for E-cig at present. So many smoking people like to smoke but thinking about health, so E-cig is their best choice. It can meet their demand and no harm to the health.But e-cigarette battery is very important to choose, We can design, produce and supply high rated power cylindrical battery for e-Cig products. It is safe and high power from15 Amps to 60Amps.

Product Details

18650 Battery VTC4 for e-Cig, Power tools, drills, lawn mowers and etc.


Rated Volts (V)

Rated Capacity (mAh)

Battery Dimensions(mm)

Resistance (≤ mΩ)

Max Discharge Current(A)










Remarks: This battery is SONY brand often adopted by customer
Prepared by Tech. Dept.

SONY 18650 Li-ion Battery for Electric Tools, Toys, LED Flashlights, Torch, E-Bikes. Sony Lithium Battery for E-cig generally is high rated power cylindrical battery.

SONY ICR18650 VTC4 18650 battery, the cylindrical battery has the good performance on super big current.

Weight: 46.5g

1- SONY 18650 VTC4 30A battery (1)(001)

Read this Before Using Your Batteries or Electronic Cigarettes!Safety First After All!

.Fully charged your batteries before use.

.Never charger your e-cigarette with the wrong charger.

.If your e-cig came with a charger from the manufacturer, use it please! If you need to match other charger,

please use recommended and qualified chargers.

.Do not use a phone or tablet to charge your battery.

.Do not charge on flammable surfaces.

.Do NOT leave charging batteries unattended or out sight please!

.Do NOT leave batteries in the charger for long time after they are fully charged!

The main application:

we also adopt the 18650VTC4 Sony 30A battery to assembly high power packs ,beside Used in e-Cig, for Power tools, Power drills, lawn mowers and other power devices:


Packaging and Shipping:

Paper box for per 18650 battery for Vapor Smoke, then in paper carton, and then stripped with pallet. 10-25 Days

Box Size

200PCS/CARTON / Can be customized!

Carton Size
Quantity /CTN
Weight / CTN

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