Green Smoke Battery

E-cig is very helpful to smoking people, but e-cigarette battery is very important to choose, so We can design, produce and supply high rated power cylindrical battery for e-Cig products. It is safe and high power from15 Amps to 60Amps.

Product Details

18650 25R Battery for e-Cig, Power tools, drills, lawn mowers and etc.


Rated Volts (V)

Rated Capacity (mAh)

Battery Dimensions(mm)

Resistance (≤ mΩ)

Max Discharge Current(A)








≤18 mΩ


Remarks: This battery is SAMSUNG brand often adopted by customer
Prepared by Tech. Dept.

The Lithium Battery for E-cig generally is high rated power cylindrical battery, SAMSUNG ICR18650-25R battery, the cylindrical battery has the good performance on super big current.

Safety First!  Read Tthis Before Using Your Batteries or Electronic Cigarettes!

.Fully charged your batteries before use.

.Never charger your e-cigarette with the wrong charger.

.If your e-cig came with a charger from the manufacturer, use it please! If you need to match other charger,

please use recommended and qualified chargers.

.Do not use a phone or tablet to charge your battery.

.Do not charge on flammable surfaces.

.Do NOT leave charging batteries unattended or out sight please!

.Do NOT leave batteries in the charger for long time after they are fully charged!

The main application:

Beside Used in e-Cigarette,we also adopt the 18650 25R battery to assembly high power packs for Power tools, Power drills, lawn mowers and other power devices:



Packaging and Shipping:

Paper box for per 18650 Green Smoke battery, then in paper carton, and then stripped with pallet. 10-25 Days

Box Size

200PCS/CARTON / Can be customized!

Carton Size

Quantity /CTN

Weight / CTN

About Green Smoke:

  - Green Smoke is a well known e-cigarette maker since 2008 that has consistently delivered high quality to their customers. They have millions of returning loyal customers and it's well deserved! Green Smoke is an industry leader with top research and engineering that produced a line of electronic cigarettes that has helped millions make the switch. They offer a varied line of 5 starter kits to cater to everyone and their collection of flavors is sought after. The build quality and design is one that many e cig brands strive for. They have been a top e cigarette brand from the start, with an impressive 3.5 million customers. They have a solid reputation in the e-cigarette market for providing a high quality vapor cigarette, some of the best flavors available and all that at great prices with regular discounts. Green Smoke had been rated as one of the best electronic cigarettes based on the vapor production of the atomizer, long lasting cartridges, and fantastic flavors offered in fresh-lock packaging.

  - Millions of satisfied customers for more than 5 years have returned to Green Smoke for the thick satisfying vapor they produce. The vapor volume is really huge, you barely have to suck to get a large amount of vapor. The cartomizer cartridges last a very long time even with long puffs and volume of vapor remains high until it is empty. The vapor produced is smooth and tasty, very well balanced. Overall the experience Green Smoke e cigarettes offer is really part of the best electronic cigs on the market. Anyone who wants a realistic feeling compared to smoking, will love vaping with Green Smoke.Green Smoke claims their e-cigarette cartridges produce 25% more vapor than other leading electronic cigarette brands and we agree that it's at least that much in most Green-Smoke-Batteries-300x200comparisons.

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