18650 Battery for Smoking Cessation

VTC5D 2800mAh 30A 3.7V SONY Rechargeable Flat Top Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Tools, Toys, LED Flashlights, Torch, and Etc , The battery is high drain battery and ultra safe, for more details please go on.

Product Details

18650 VTC5D Battery for Power tools, drills, e-Cig, lawn mowers and etc.


Rated Volts (V)

Rated Capacity (mAh)

Battery Dimensions(mm)

Resistance (≤ mΩ)

Max Discharge Current(A)








≤15 mΩ


Remarks: Most customer choose SONY brand. 
Prepared by Engineering Dept.

The Lithium 18650 Battery for Smoking Cessation generally is high drain power battery, SONY US18650VTC5D battery, the cylindrical battery has the good performance on big continuous current.

For safety sake, Read this Before Using Your Batteries or Electronic Cigarettes!

Small Inner resistance can promise the high and stable current.

  1. Charge your batteries fully before use.

  2. It's highly recommended to charge your e-cigarette with the original charger, or please use qualified chargers.

  3. Don't charge your battery by a table pc or mobile phone.

Application For 18650 25R battery:

  -  E-Cigarette

  -  Power tools

  - Power drills

  - Lawn mowers

  - other power tools


Why US?

1. We ensure sample supply and prompt delivery.

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3. We can do OEM and ODM orders and have strong design and technology team.

4. Our reasonable price and stable quality is the base of long business cooperation.

5. For regular client, we supply free new product sample to test.

6. Quality will be the ever factor with make company go far.


  - Paper box for per 18650 battery for Smoking Cessation, then put in outer paper carton and stripped with pallet. 

  - All packages can be customized.

  - Leading time:10-25 Days


What is the maximum capacity of a 18650 battery?

In recent years, the technology of various manufacturers in China has been improved, and continuous experimental research and development. The capacity has also been slowly improved. The laboratory has been able to make 18650 batteries with a capacity of more than 3500mAh, considering the stability consistency of a battery pack, it is best not to use a battery with a very high capacity. Whether it is cost-effective or the life of the battery pack after grouping, it is a very uneconomical solution. Therefore, the higher the battery capacity, the more unstable it is.

The battery pack needs to be customized according to different product use in different working environments and fields. If the product belongs to medium and high grade, the battery can choose large brands to import batteries such as: SANYO, Panasonic, etc. There are also many small-scale battery manufacturing plants in China. The battery produced may have some imaginary standards. If it is too sensitive to the price, you can choose a domestic regular manufacturer such as LIPOWER's 1800mah-2600mAh capacity battery. Most applications have different current and time requirements, so most of the power supply batteries are presented in battery packs. The battery pack should be considered for consistency, stability, safety, and each set of batteries. In each of the batteries, the values must be matched in all aspects, such as the same voltage, the same internal resistance, and the same capacity. These indicators are very important.

What are a few of the best brands of 18650 batteries?

The first Tesla car batteries used the Panasonic green cells. They have the highest capacity rating and best performance. LIFEPO4 battery cells are much safer, and nearly immune to thermal runaway you may have seen on various videos of batteries doing the roman candle. They are a lower voltage and need a different charger. The A123 cells are good and so far so are the LIPOWER and they have a larger capacity. 1800 mAH may sound low for a 18650, but in high current applications, the capacity fades less than with Lithium ion cells like the panasonic. The chances of a lithium ion cell exploding are slim. The LIFEPO4 cells are also much longer lasting: 5000 cycles versus 500 to 1500 for most lithium ion. They do better in the cold and the heat and usually put out more current.

Why does Tesla use 18650 battery cells?

18650 was a standard format for laptop battery packs. The original plan was to leverage the high volume manufacturing of the laptop industry to achieve lower pricing and get access to multiple suppliers. It was counterintuitive at the time - conventional wisdom said to use a larger format, and prismatic cell to lower costs and improve packing density.

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