18650 Battery for Vaping Smoke Battery

Panisonic NCR18650PF 2900mAH High Drain Power Lithium Rechargeable Battery for LED Flashlight Torch, Electric Power Tools,E-bike, LED Flashlights, Toys Drills, Lawn mowers and e-cig, etc. Details as below.
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Product Details

NCR18650PF 2900mAh Battery for e-Cig, Power tools, drills, lawn mowers and etc.


Rated Volts (V)

Rated Capacity (mAh)

Battery Dimensions(mm)

Resistance (≤ mΩ)

Max Discharge Current(A)








≤35 mΩ


Remarks: This battery is SONY brand often adopted by customer
Prepared by Tech. Dept.

Style: Flat Top

Chemistry: NCR

Weight: 48.0g (Max)

Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V

Nominal voltage: 3.6V~3.7V

Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.05V

Standard Charge: Constant Current 1350mA, Constant Voltage 4.20V

Operational Charging Temperature Range: 10 to 45 degrees Celsius

Operational Discharging Temperature Range: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius

The Lithium Battery for E-cig and power tools generally is high drain power cylindrical battery, Panisonic NCR18650PF 18650 2900mAh battery, the cylindrical battery has the good performance on super big current.

Pay much more attention to Safety First ! ReadTthis Before Using Your Batteries or Electronic Cigarettes!

NCR18650PF 10A 18650 battery for eleaf e-cigarette(001)

Please fully charged the units with a proper "battery charger" before first use, Do not charge the units via your electronic device with a USB charging plug/adapter

This is a flat top unprotected type of unit (non-button top), please make sure your electronic device can use the flat top type unit

The product page display image is a representation of the unit's top view, bottom view, and side view (not the actual quantity you will receive, please check the image #pack symbol, page title, or description for the actual quantity you will receive)

For e-Cig use, please note:

.Fully charged your batteries before use.

.Never charger your e-cigarette with the wrong charger.

.If your e-cig came with a charger from the manufacturer, use it please! If you need to match other charger,

please use recommended and qualified chargers.

.Do not use a phone or tablet to charge your battery.

.Do not charge on flammable surfaces.

.Do NOT leave charging batteries unattended or out sight please!

.Do NOT leave batteries in the charger for long time after they are fully charged!

The main application:

Beside Used in e-Cigarette,we also adopt the US18650VTC5 18650 battery to assembly high power packs for Power tools, Power drills, lawn mowers and other power devices:

panasonic NCR18650PF Battery pack 10s3p 36v 8700mah(001)


Packaging and Shipping:

Paper box for per 18650 battery for Vaping Smoke Battery, then in paper carton, and then stripped with pallet. 10-25 Days

Box Size200PCS/CARTON / Can be customized!

Carton Size

Quantity /CTN

Weight / CTN

Is vaping bad for your health?

It cannot be "safe", just like using your cellphone cannot be safe" either"

Vaporizers, also known as e-cigarettes, are relatively new products in the tobacco industry. E-cigarettes first emerged in 2003, but it was not until several years ago that a significant portion of Americans started to use e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat a flavored liquid that contains nicotine.

Those who argue that the use of e-cigarettes is not a healthier and safer alternative to smoking tobacco stand strong over a few claims. There has been several cases of e-cigarettes catching on fire and exploding as consumers uses these devices in the past few years.Despite the FDA stepping in to the vape industry to regulate vaping, manufactures are taking initiative to create safer vaporizers for the public to use. Consumers who buy unregulated e-cigarettes, also known as mechanical mods, need to understand the risk of possible explosion that can occur if the atomizer is not built property. 

Regulated e-cigarettes are designed with preventative safety features that ensure the safety of users. Generally, regulated e-cigarettes are made up of multiple intricate computer chips and resistors that allow users to adjust the amount of power that is delivered from the high-powered battery to the atomizer.

Between the use of traditional combustible cigarettes and the use of e-cigarettes, the use of traditional cigarettes does not pose dangers of explosion. However, the use of combustible cigarettes does pose the danger of causing fires. 

A commonly used natural ingredient in vape liquid is vegetable glycerin. This ingredient is naturally derived from either palm oil or coconut oil; and is commonly found in the foods we eat and some of the cosmetic products we use. According to Nutrients Review, “Food-grade glycerin may be added as a humectant (wetting agent), thickener, solvent or sweetener to dairy products (cream), canned goods, confections, fondant, processed fruits, jams, energy bars and other foods” (Nutrients Review). Vegetable glycerin has many benefits in the medical world. Doctors often use vegetable glycerin to treat burns due to the moisture attracting characteristic it has. Similar to propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin has many useful applications that people use throughout the world. However, nicotine on the other hand may be the more harmful ingredient that e-cigarette users must consider as a possible danger to their health.

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