EBike Li-ion Battery for Mountain Bike

48V18AH Ebike Battery Lithium Ion Battery, Rear Rack Style Li-ion Battery, Produced by LIPOER ENERGY, for 1000W Electric Bike. It can be used for Mountain Bike, which make it easy to fight the lope road.
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Product Details

EBike Li-ion Battery for Mountain Bike Parameters:

Normal Voltage


Max. Constant Discharge Current


Normal Capacity

18Ah(Discharge @0.2C)

Peak Current


Cell Built-in

18650 3.0AH 78PCS

Matched Charger


Over Current Protection

90A (adjustable)

Charge Method

CC to CV

Over Charging Voltage


Charging Time:


Discharge Cut-off Volts


Cycle Life :

<1000 times

Matched Motor Power


Self Discharge Ratio:


Product Size




Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature



  - Long life and high durability up to 1000 times.

  - When the motor is overloaded, the system automatically switches off to protect the battery from damage.

  - NMC material 18650 battery with high capacity.

  - Six protections and super safety

  - Light weight, only 1/4 weight of the same capacity lead acid battery.

  - Can drive long distance up to 33 miles with motor under 500W and 80KG loading Cell Material:NCM (Optional)

  - Cell Model:Samsung 18650 3.7V 3000mAh

  - Configuration:18650 13S6P

  - Volts/Capacity:48V18000mAh

  - Main Protection Function:OCP, ODP, OCP, SCP, Even charging Protection

  - Compatible with 1000W electric bikes at most


  - E-Bike

  - E-Scooter

  - E-Aid bike

  - Wheel Chair

  - Golf car and other small EVs.

Easy for Short drive:
ELectric bike's coming make people very easy for a short drive to the grocery store or for little longer journeys to work, coz electric bicycle was established in a short time.

Actions Radius:

The distance of action is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to electric bicycles. It depends on the capacity of the battery you buy with your electric bicycle, of course. The higher the capacity of the battery is, the larger the distance you can drive. Please note, however, that the range is very variable and depends strongly on the temperature, your weight, the slope of the road, etc.


As a professional Lithium battery manufacturer more than 20 years, SHENZHEN LIPOWER ENERGY focuses on the quality of every one battery pack. For electric bike battery, the charging port is very important, we choose DC male connector as the charging port, it is stable, efficient and durable when use, which make the battery long life cycle. Adopt the safety lock make it easy to install or dissemble the battery.

The electric bicycle battery can be placed in many different places on the bike. LIPOWER ENERGY produce and offer ebike batteries in all shapes, sizes and weights: frog, sliver fish, rear rack, PVC rear rack, water-bottle/kettle shape, PVC kettle, we can produce them all.

The material for the cells can be chosen is LiMn2O4, Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O ,LiFePO4, or as you like.

All the cells is imported from Japan or Korea Brand companies like SANYO, SONY, PANISONIC , SAMSUNG and LG, or China brand 18650 battery, to promise the consistency, stability and safety.

Packaging and Shipping:

  - Paper box for per ebike battery, 4 PCS packed in one carton then stripped with pallet.

  - Gross Weight: 18.6KG/CTN

  - Paper box size: 400*160*75mm

  - Carton size: 440*350*190mm

  - Gross Weight: 18.6KG/CTN

  - Leading time: 20-25 Days