Li Ion Battery for 500W Electric Wheelchair

We, LIPOWER ENERGY, can produce Lithium ion battery pack for electric wheelchair,Firstly, we have a engineering team with more than 10 years experience in lithium ion battery. In the meantime, since we are full loop (Cell,ack,BMS)manufacturer, which can better to manage each process quality and cost saving. So just come to us and trust us, we will not let you down.
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Product Details

                                              21.6V 21.5Ah Li Ion Battery for 500W Electric Wheelchair                





Normal Voltage


Battery Configuration

6 sets in Series (6S) of 1 cell in Parallel (1P)

Normal Capacity


Battery Type

Lithium ion 18650 Battery

Max Charge Voltage


Battery Cell

3.6V 2150mAH

Standard Charge Current


Max Charge Current


Discharge cut off voltage


Max Discharge Current


Cycle Life

1000 cycles

Charging mode




Using Environment                    

Charge Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature

23 ± 5°C

Storage temperature
(≤60%RH Recharge every 6 months)

≤12 months -20℃~25℃

≤3 months 25℃~45℃

≤1 month 45℃~60℃


1.Test results will be affected by test conditions (eg, temperature, wire loss, test equipment, test parameters, etc.), please perform multiple tests and take the average of the results to reduce the deviation.

2.At a temperature of 25°C, the deviation between the pure resistance discharge test result and the nominal data is controlled within ±10%, which is normal.

3.Cycle Life:More than 1000 cycles, Capacity and performance will decrease as the number of cycles increases.

24v lithium batteries


1.Supply ability:150000 sets per month to ensure prompt and timely delivery.

2.Built-in BMS protection,With overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection and so on.

3.All PCM protection system is designed with most advanced chips from US and Japan.

4.Can design battery pack configuration,and do design battery modules. 

Kind Notes:

Battery’s size, capacity, voltage including connectors and plugs can be customized as per your requirement.


Balancing scooter,Electric Scooter, Electric motorcycle,Electric motorbike,Electric wheelchair, Electric car,E- Bike,Golf cart, Electric tricycle and so on.

24v lithium ion battery for electric wheelchair

Test Report: UN38.3, MSDS

Certification: UL,CE 


Question: Is PCM or BMS necessary for lithium battery? If yes, why?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary for lithium battery. Since lithium battery is hazardous goods and may cause leakage or fire if misused. PCM and BMS is a necessary method to protect the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature and short circuit. BMS also has functions of SOC(state of charge), SOH(state of health), communication and LCD screen etc.

Question: What are the possible reasons if the rechargeable battery or rechargeable battery pack can not be charged?

Answer: There is battery with zero voltage in the battery pack. 

Or there is wrong connection inside the battery pack. 

Or there is abnormal electronic components or PCB inside the battery pack. 

Question: What will happen if the batteries with different capacity are packed together?

Answer: If the batteries with different capacity or new and old batteries are used together, leakage, zero voltage and so on might happen. If the batteries are rechargeable and are being charged, some batteries is overcharged and other batteries is not in full charged state. During the discharge, some batteries can not discharge fully and other batteries might over discharge. This way, the battery will be damaged.

Packaging and Delivery:

Package meet IATA

Loading port: Shenzhen or Hongkong

Leading time: 5-20 Days depends on order quantity.


- Warranty period: 1year,Calculated from the delivery success date.

- Ingress of water, disassembling, modification, failure to use a matching charger,Short circuit, failure due to personal reasons, etc., are not covered by the warranty.