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LP-PQ01 manufactured by LIPOWER ENERGY is a portable energy storage system (ESS for short) designed for household use and outdoor activities. Built as a middle-range and high-end product of the ESS industry, it is with great quality and elegant appearance. For details, please go on:
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Product Details

                     LP-PQ01 Energy Storage Battery Home



Solar energy (PV) input

Input voltage range

14.6V DC (open-circuit voltage)

Input current

≤50 A

Max conversion efficiency


Recommended power


Grid (AC) input

Input voltage range

165- 275 V AC

Input frequency range


Short circuit protection

Circuit breaker


AC output voltage

100V AC/220V AC/240V AC±5%/50Hz/60

AC output power


USB DC output


In-car DC input

DC 12V


1280 Wh/2560 Wh (Optional)

Output power factor

≥ 0.8 (> 30% load)

Wave distortion rate

Liner load ≤ 5%

Inverter overload

100%-110% load alarm,110%-125% 255s shutdown

Short circuit protection

Automatic shutdown

Under voltage/Overload

4 beeps/s 1 beep/ 1s


Voltage sampling precision/balance current

±2 mV / 1 A

Protection functions

Protection against overcharge,
Over discharge, over current, and overheat

Using Environment

Charge Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature

23 ± 5°C

solar battery storage system

home battery storage

Main Features:

  a. Battery cell adopt SANYO, Samsung,LG,Panasonic,Sony international brand as well as Chinese brand,like LIPOWER,BAK. High quality battery cell can ensure battery’s safety,stability,consistency and longer lifespan.

  b. Built-in Battery Management System, which can prevent battery pack from over voltage, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, over temperature and so on.

  c. Supply ability:150000 sets per month to ensure prompt and timely delivery.

  d. Intelligent control, high efficiency and energy saving.

Certificate: CE, FCC,UL, CCC,RoHS

What you may want to know -- What is the Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery product manufactured by Tesla Motors for home use. It stores electricity for domestic consumption, load shifting, and backup power


It is a home battery storage that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are  low, and powers your home in the evening. 


It is a residential storage system with a lithium-ion battery. So, technically, a user can be off the electricity grid.


Powerwall comes in two sizes – a 10 kWh version for back-up power  (costing about $3,500) and a 7 kWh version (about $3,000). These are excluding inverter costs and installation charges.


Question: How do batteries store energy?

Answer:There are no batteries that actually store electrical energy; all batteries store energy in some other form. The space between the electrodes is filled with an electrolyte--an ionic liquid that conducts electricity. One electrode--the anode--permits electrons to flow out of it. The other--the cathode--receives them.

Question: What is a battery energy storage system?

Answer:A battery energy storage system is a system that stores energy via the use of a battery technology for it to be used at a later time. There are a large range of battery technologies that form the generic term Battery Energy Storage System.

Packaging and Shipping:

  a. Packing in carton box or gift box per Solar Energy Storage , Then stripped with pallet,carton box and gift box can be customized.

  b. Package includes: Solar Energy Storage 1PC

  c. Delivery time: 25-30 Days

  d. Warranty: 12 months worry-free warranty from delivery time

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