Energy Storage System Lithium Battery

LIPOWER ENERGY PowerSpace LPE125 48V 12.8KWH is a lithium battery energy storage system with battery management system(BMS) which is used with an external inverter. It can provide optimized safety, life span and performance. They are perfect power supplies both for home appliances and commercial use. Please contact us for more information:
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Product Details

Product Specifications:

                                              Energy Storage System Lithium Battery (LPE125)



Nominal Voltage


Battery Module

5 modules

Battery Type

LiFePo4 Battery Cell (9000 times cycle life)

Usable Energy


Max Output Power


Peak Output Power


Power Efficiency


Operating Voltage Range



CAN & RS485

Protection Level



600x883x600 mm

Net Weight



3 years

Operating Temperature





Max.32 B-Plus L 2.56 in parallel/81.92 kWh

Compatible Inverters

GOODWE/Victron/Sungrow/Selectronic/Solis,more brands to be announced


Off-grid (On-grid is optional)


[1] Test conditions:100% DOD,0.2C charge & discharge at +25℃. System Usable Energy may be variant with different brand's inverter.

[2] Max output power will be degraded [8.96~10.2KW] when system is parallel connection.

[3] We can also offer 48V 2.56KWH,48V 5.12KWH,48V 7.68KWH,48V 10.24KWH,48V 12.8KWH with customized dimension by increasing the battery modules accordingly.


Key Features:

1. Removable battery Pack: Brings the safest, optimized performance standards for residential and commercial battery solutions.

2. Modular design:All energy storage Battery is modular in design for maximum flexibility.

solar battery storage

3. Adopt 9000 times cycle life Lithium iron phosphate battery cell, greatly prolong the lifespan of the battery pack. Multiple aging tests verify reliability and long life span.

4. Optimized Performance:Optimized performance and efficiency

5. 3 Years Warranty:3 years manufacturer's warranty

6. Certifications:CE and RCM certified



PowerSpace LPE125 is the perfect combination of affordability and performance, the system can be expanded to meet your budget or energy needs, and the long life and flexibility of lithium iron phosphate batteries make it suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Residential Energy Storage


Emergency power supply, Improved self-consumption, Peak load transfer, Off-grid power supply

home battery storage


Wooden box per residential battery storage or customized package

Package includes: 1 x residential battery storage, 1 x User Manual

Delivery time: 25-35 working days

What  you may want to know: 

                                                                  About Energy storage technology

Energy storage technology mainly refers to electrical energy storage. The stored energy can be used as emergency energy. It can also be used to store energy when the grid load is low. When the grid is under high load, it can output energy for peak-filling and valley mitigation. Energy storage involves converting energy in a form that is difficult to store into a more convenient or economic storable form.

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