Long Life Lithium Home Battery Storage

LIPOWER ENERGY can produce the customized 10.24KWh off-grid solar storage battery, we can also make 2.56KWh, 5.12KWh, 7.68KWh the same size with different module quantity. Any queries, please contact us:
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Product Details

Product Specifications:

                                                   Long Life Lithium Home Battery Storage (PowerSpace LPE100)



Nominal Voltage


Battery Module

4 modules (1~4 modules optional)

Battery Type

9000 cycles LiFePo4 Battery Cell

Usable Energy

10.24KWh (2.56KWh/5.12KWh/7.68KWh optional)

Max Output Power 1


Peak Output Power 1


Max Output Power 2


Peak Output Power 2


Power Factor


Operating Voltage Range




Protection Level



600x1650x335 mm

Net Weight



3 years

Operating Temperature





Max.32 B-Plus L 2.56 in parallel/81.92 kWh

Compatible Inverters

Sungrow/Selectronic/GOODWE/Victron/Solis and more brands to be announced

Application 1


Application 2

On-grid (optional) (Self consumption,On-grid+Backup,Backup)


Test conditions:100% DOD,0.2C charge & discharge at 25℃. Battery Usable Energy shall vary with different inverter brands.

off-grid power


1. We adopt high quality battery cell CATL, A123, BYD brand, which can ensure battery's safety,stability,consistency and longer lifespan.

2. Built in super long cycle life LiFePo4 battery cell, up to 9000 times. Greatly prolong the lifespan of battery pack.

3. Ideal solution for home, commercial and industrial battery storage

4. Flexible and modular design: Reserved battery space to meet different customer's requirement.

5. Efficiency and performance improved

6. Warranty: 36 months from the delivery date.

off-grid solar power systems


♣ Electricity Saving:Store energy every day with solar, ensure continuous daily power supply, which make sense to use limited resources efficiently and reduce CO2 emission.

♣ Emergency power supply: In case there is a power failure, the stored electricity can be used as emergency power supply and ensure continuous output power for Refrigerator, LCD TV, LED lighting and other essential electrical application.

♣ Suitable for areas with solar power generation, off-grid

Connect to solar power generation system, directly invert electricity generated from solar panel to AC electricity to supply household application. The storage battery can be charged by solar panels in daytime or charged by power grid at night when the electricity price is low. The charge mode can be selected automatically.

off-grid solar

What's difference between Off-grid and On-grid power generation system?

Off-grid is that your power generation system doesn't connect the utility grid, on-grid is that they are connected.


Off-grid is known as independent photovoltaic power generation system, which is an independent system not relying on the power grid. It's mainly composed of solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. It is also very practical for families in areas without power grids or blackouts frequently. It's really useful to solve the lighting problem during power failure, DC energy-saving lamps.Therefore, off-grid power generation systems are specifically designed for use in areas without power grids or in frequent power outages.

off-grid systems

On-grid is that your power generation must connect to utility power grid. That is to say, solar power generation, home power grid and utility power grid must be connected together. When the public grid is cut off, the photovoltaic solar power generation cannot work.

on-grid solar system


Telecom backup system, Off-grid energy storage, Household energy storage, Wind-Solar energy system



Wooden box per off-grid solar battery, 25-35 working days.

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