Solar Residential Energy Storage Bank

PowerSpace solar system batteries LPE200 48V 20KWH with 9000 cycles life battery cell is produced by LIPOWER ENERGY,which is well known as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency and good quality of energy storage,jump starter, portable power generator and rechargeable lithium battery products. For details, please check the data sheet as below:

Product Details

Product Specifications:

                                                             Solar Residential Energy Storage Bank (LPE200)



Nominal Voltage


Battery Module

8 modules (6/7 modules optional)

Battery Type

9000 cycles life LiFePo4 Battery Cell

Usable Energy

20.48KWH (15.36KWH/17.92KWH optional)

Max Output Power


Peak Output Power


Power Factor


Operating Voltage Range



CAN & RS485

Protection Level



600x883x600 mm

Net Weight



3 years

Operating Temperature



CE,RCM, TUV(IEC62619), UN38.3


Max.32 B-Plus L 2.56 in parallel/81.92 kWh

Compatible Inverters

Sungrow/Selectronic/GOODWE/Victron/Solis and more brands to be announced

Application 1


Application 2

ON-grid (optional) (Self consumption, On-grid+Backup,Backup)


1. Max output power will decrease (8.96~10.2KW) when system is parallel connection.

2. Test conditions:100% DOD,0.2C charge & discharge at 25’℃. Battery Usable Energy shall vary with different inverter brands



1. Adopt 9000 times cycle life Lithium iron phosphate battery cell, greatly prolong the lifespan

2. Ideal solution for home, commercial and industrial energy battery storage

3. Flexible and modular design: Reserved battery space to meet customer's different specification requirement.

solar panel battery storage

4. Improved efficiency and performance

5. Guarantee: 36 months

powerwall 2 

There are 5 Benefits of Energy Storage:

1. Reduce energy cost

2. Environment benefits

3. Avoid peak energy demand

4. Emergency backup

5. Maximize time-of-use rate

Energy storage is called as the "Holy Grail" of energy. It is a ideal solution to our aging grid and an important tool for increasing the popularity of renewable energy, It’s also a bridge between utilities and customer needs.

tesla powerwall 2


Telecom backup system, Off-grid energy storage, Household energy storage, Wind-Solar energy system

lithium solar battery


Wooden box per solar battery for home or customized package

Package includes: 1 x solar battery for home, 1 x Manual

Delivery time: 25-35 working days



About Lithium ion Battery

Lithium-ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery that uses graphite or other carbon materials as the negative electrode and lithium-containing compound as the positive electrode. In the process of charging and discharging, there is no metal lithium, only lithium ions, so the lithium battery is also called lithium ion battery.


Lithium-ion battery has high working voltage, stable discharge curve and high energy density (weight to energy ratio is 110~160Wh / kg), small volume, light weight and long cycle life (after 500 cycles, the capacity remains above 80%) ; No memory effect, low self-discharge; wide operating temperature range (charge temperature range is 0~45℃, discharge temperature range is -20~60℃); Green and environmentally friendly, free of lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic metal elements.


According to the different cathode materials, lithium ion batteries are divided into lithium cobalt oxide batteries, lithium manganese oxide batteries, ternary materials lithium ion batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

According to the shapes of the battery, the lithium ion battery is divided into cylindrical, square and polymer.

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