Household Solar Battery Storage

We can produce off-grid Solar Battery Storage for home PowerSpace LPE150, Usable energy can be 3.8KWh, 7.6KWh, 11.4KWh and 15.2KWh, On-grid application can be customized too. Please contact and send us your requirement in details:
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Product Details

Product Specifications:

                                                    Household Solar Battery Storage (PowerSpace LPE150)



Nominal Voltage


Battery Module

4 modules (1~4 modules optional)

Battery Cell

9000 cycles LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Usable Energy

15.2KWh (3.8KWh/7.6KWh/11.4KWh optional)

Max Output Power


Peak Output Power

15.0KW, 10S

Power Efficiency


Operating Voltage Range

40 ~ 59.2V




635x1183x350 mm (Can be customized)

Net Weight



5 years product warranty, 10 years life span

Operating Temperature





Max.3 systems in parallel/45.6KWh

Compatible Inverters

Sungrow/Selectronic/GOODWE/Victron/Solis and more brands to be announced

Application 1


Application 2

On-grid (optional) (Self consumption,On-grid+Backup,Backup)


1. Test conditions:100% DOD,0.2C charge & discharge at 25℃. Battery Usable Energy shall vary with different inverter brands.

2. We can make different specification by increasing or decreasing battery modules inside.



1. Built-in Battery Management System (BMS): over current protection, over voltage protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection etc.

2. 9000 times long cycle life battery cell inside.

3. Ideal for home, industrial and commercial solar energy storage

4. Modular design: We can make different specification according to customer's requirement.

off-grid battery storage


♣ Reliable Power and Energy Storage

♣ Avoid Paying Peak Rates

♣ Power Everything

    It is a plug-and-play residential solar energy storage system that charged by photovoltaic solar panels or utility grids. PowerSpace LPE150 is a reliable lithium-ion battery that powers your home as needed or in case of utility grid failure. Power companies typically charge at higher price during peak hours and lower price when demand is lower. PowerSpace LPE150 can store power at lower rates and power your home appliances at higher rates. So that we can avoid paying peak rates by setting the time to charge the built-in Li ion battery at the lowest rates.


Wide Application:

1. Residential building

2. Office building, factory and warehouse

3. Stadium, Shopping mall

4. Power station, field operation and some huge construction

5. Suitable for various home appliance, Office equipment and so on. 

solar power system battery

48v batteryShipment:

Wooden box per 48V solar energy storage battery or customized package

Delivery time: 25-35 working days

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