Solar System Batteries For Hybrid Inverter

Solar System Batteries For Hybrid Inverter

LIPOWER ENERGY provides optimal solutions in solar panels and solar power systems worldwide. PowerBee can help to put a stop to ever-increasing power bills with a clean, renewable energy solar battery storage system for your home.
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Product Details

We all know that coal, gas and oil are finite, ever more expensive resources. But do you know that the sun delivers more solar energy to the planet in an hour than humankind consumes in a year, Even better, this supply is guaranteed for billions of years yet. So why not future-proof your electricity expenses? Put the sun and the latest technology to work and secure your energy needs. 

Solar power systems are for people who want to save money, while doing their part to help the environment and gaining increased independence from electricity companies. It is also possible to give you an uninterrupted power supply when there is a grid blackout. Please kindly find the details for Solar System Batteries For Hybrid Inverter - PowerBee as below: 

Technical Data:

                                          Solar System Batteries For Hybrid Inverter
Model No. PowerBee

Electrical Data

Total Energy


Usable Energy


Rated Capacity


Rated Voltage


Voltage Range


Max. Continuous Charging Current


Max. Continuous Discharging Current


Max. Continuous Discharging Power


Peak Current (for 3 seconds)


Peak Power (for 3 seconds)


Communication Method

  RS485/CAN 2.0B

DC Protection

  Switch Button/Circuit Breaker/Fuse


Safety Standard

  CE/RCM/TUV (IEC 62619)


  UN38.3 (UNDOT)

General Data

Working Temperature


Protection Rate





  Max. 2000m



Dimension (W*H*D)





  10 Years


1. Compact and fashionable design

2. Developed with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cell to ensure the highest safety and most promising cycle life.

3. Self-designed BMS protects the cell in all aspects such as abnormal temperature, current, SoC, SoH etc.

4. Parallel enabled design gives the end customers the power of capacity choice.

5. Compatible with nicest hybrid inverter and can enable the compatibility with the other brand inverter required.

6. Easiness of installation and maintenance.  

Electrical Diagram:

solar panel battery storage


1. Multiple protection and warning system, safe and reliable

2. Comply with CE, RCM, TUV, IEC 62619, etc.


Package and Shipment:

- Wooden box per Solar Power Battery Storage

- Package includes: 1 x Solar Power Battery Storage

- Leading time:30 days

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