How to use jump starter battery C101

- Aug 28, 2019-

Portable Jump Starter

Please read the instructions carefully before using this product.Use the product correctly in accordance with the instructions in this user manual to reduce the risk of electric shock and other personal injuries.

Product Details:

car jump starter

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 165*81*32mm

Battery Voltage: 14.8V

Battery capacity(watt-hours) 13600mAh(46.25Wh)

USB output: 5V DC, 3.1A

Input voltage: 15V DC 1A

Application: Start 12V Engine

Starting Current/Power: 450A

Peak Current/power:1200A

Operates at temperature from -10℃ to 60℃

Included in the box

jump starter

Operating Instructions

1. How to jump starter a vehicle?

Step 1.To jump-start a vehicle, please make sure that the battery capacity of the jump-starter is greater than 50%.

Step 2. Slide the main power switch to  "OFF".

Step 3. Insert the smart jumper cable into the EC5 connection port, then connect the red and black clamps to the anode and the cathode of the car battery, the red clamp to the positive pole (+), the black clamp to the negative pole (-) of the battery.

Step 4. When the power indicator on the cable connector lights green, you can now start the vehicle.

Step 5. After starting the vehicle successfully, remove the cables from the jump-starter and disconnect the clamps from the vehicle battery.

how to use jump starter

2. How to turn on the LED, SOS and strobe light?

 Slide the main power switch to"ON" and hold the"FUNC"button for three (3) seconds to turn on the LED flashlight and press the “FUNC” button once, the flashlight will be into strobe mode and flash an SOS signal. To switch off the strobe mode, press the"FUNC"button once.

In order maintain its charge , slide the main power switch off the jump-starter/charger to"OFF"when it is not in use.

3. How long does it take to charge the portable jump-starter & USB charger? And How to charge smartphones and tablets?

It will take about 3 hours to fully charge the portable jump-starter & USB charger. After sliding the main power switch to"ON", briefly press the"FUNC"button, then charging of the smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices will begin.

USB ports are used to charge your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

4. How to charge the portable jump-starter & USB charger?

There are two ways. 1, At home, you can use the 220V AC wall adapter; 2. In the car, you can use the 12V DC socket adapter (cigarette lighter socket).

Light Indications description on the smart jumper cables set:

Active light(s)


Action to be taken

Red Light

Low battery capacity

Recharge the jump-starter/charger

Alternating red and green flashing lights

Not connected

Connect the red clamp to the positive pole(+), the black clamp to the negative (-) pole of auto battery

Flashing red light and audible alert

Short circuit or bad connection

Check the connection and polarity of the clamps connected to auto battery

Green light

Good connection

 Start the vehicle

Red and green light

Inactive more than 30 seconds or the vehicle is running

Remove the jumper cable connector and disconnect the clamps from auto battery

Notes :

After many tests, the jump-starter can not start most vehicles when its battery capacity is less than 30%, but there may be exceptions. We suggest that you ensure that the battery capacity is 30% at least or more when you are jump-starting a vehicle.


Warning :

1. It is suggested that the product be maintained with a certain battery capacity , even if remains unused for a long period of time. It is also recommended to charge it at least once every 3 months.

2. It is normal for the product to generate some heat during use or charging.

3. It is suggested to use this product at room temperature and keep it away from moisture,

high temperatures or flames.

4. Store this product in a dry place away from moisture and corrosive materials.

5.Do not use chemicals, soaps or detergents to clean the product.

6.Stop use immediately if the product swells,if the battery leaks or gives off a peculiar odor.

7. Do not drop this product.

8. Keep away from children.

9. Do not throw away or burn this product, please protect our environment. 

Please dispose of this produt at an appropriate recycling centre for electronic devices.

10. This product requires a 30 second delay between several successive uses.

11. Never connect the two jump-starter clamps together.

12. Slide the main power switch to "OFF" and disconnect all external devices for power saving when the product is not in use.

13.The EC5 output port is for starting car exclusively. Do not connect other load please! 

14.Do not charge the jump starter immediately after starting a car. Wait 30 minutes at least for cooling please! 

15.Do not disassemble the product if not professional person to avoid product damage or accident! 

16.If the car battery capacity is extremely deficiency, the car battery will pull down the voltage of the jump starter, it may lead failure to start your car. Please dissemble any cable of the car battery bite the clamp onto the cable, then try again please! 

17.Smart protection system will recognize if the negative and positive are reverse connected, which rely on inspecting the voltage of the car battery. So Please do not reverse negative and positive pole of the clamps under the condition of dissemble the wire cable or not any capacity of the car battery, otherwise it may damage car electronic circuit or the jump starter.

18.Short negative and positive clamps of smart jumper cables set is prohibited! Safe is the first thing at any condition Please!