Jump Starter Battery Pack

We Produce and Supply 700A Peak 12000mAh Ultra Safe Car Jump Starter With USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 5L Gas or 3L Diesel Engine), 14.8V Portable Power Bank, Auto Battery Booster Phone Charger Built-in LED Light
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                                                              Jump Starter Battery Pack C101

Power to start


Car Starting Volts/Power




Charging Time

2-3 hrs

Start Current


Peaking Current



USB 5V/3.1A Max.(2.1A per port)

LED Flashlight Ration


Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature



Note: Product Size: (Unit: MM)     Weight per Product: 0.52KG

The car Car battery jump starter is multifunctional and portable power bank which is designed for business people or people who love cars. Its special function is used for starting car when car cannot be started due to battery's no power or some other reasons. And also it can charge digital products,outdoor lighting, and so on. Meantime, it can also be used together for car equipments, such as air pump, car refrigerator and so on. So it's one of Essentials products when traveling.

CARLIAN brand jump starter is made of Lithium battery, it is very small in size and light in weight, and multifunctional. In addition to starting cars, it can also supply power for various portable electronics such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Especially its powerful LED lighting function, The lighting of Carlian brand Lithium battery jump stater generally has the function of flash or SOS rescue signal light, which is more practical.The special LCD display

screen design Let you know the battery condition anytime anywhere.

Function 1: 

  - Start Cars

Its special function is to start cars when the car battery is out of power or dead, or other reasons the car not be started.

Function 2: 

  - Super bright white light LED, flashing warning lights, and SOS signal lights, really good help in travel.

Function 3: 

  - To Charge Portable Electronic Products

It not only can start cars in emergency, but also charge a variety of electronics. For example, 5V2.1A output (can power phones and other portable electronic products), 12V output (can charge routers and other products), 19V output (can charge most laptops ),which let people can use their electronic products anytime anywhere;

Packaging and Shipping:

                               Packing List                     Package

Lithium Jump Starter C101




Car Charger Cable


Color Box Size


Charging Adapter(18V1A)


Shipping Weight of Product


Smart Starting Clampers


Carton Size


3-in-1 digital charging cable


Quantity /CTN




Weight / CTN


Tooling Bag


Color Box



  - Each Lithium jump starter packed by paper carton, then stripped with pallet.

  - Leading time: 7-10 days.

Common Problems:

Question: Could I use a portable jump starter instead of the battery in my motorcycle?

Answer: Depending upon the motorcycle that you might well be able to jump start your motorcycle rather than using the battery. But you'll probably still need to have a battery for two reasons.

  1. The motorcycle's alternator creates electricity when the motorcycle engine is running. The battery is part of the electrical system and not having a battery at all may screw with the electrical system. A wire diagram will help determine if that is an issue.

  2. If you don't have working battery the only time you'll be able to stop the motorcycle engine is in a place where you can get a jump start. That will make refueling a bit problematic because most gas stations don't like a vehicle's engine to be running while pumping gas.

Question: How to charge the jump starter?

Answer: Insert one end of the adapter into the charging input port of the jump starter, and connect the other end to the 220V power supply or the 12V vehicle-mounted power supply. the charging will start. You can easy know the charging status from the LCD screen display.


Question:What will happen if the two poles of the battery clamps contact each other as a result of improper operation?

Answer: Short circuit protection will take action may protect if connecting the two poles of the battery clamps improperly due to carelessness, we have designed the protection circuit, which will have the fuse blown out in the case of short circuit to prevent any unnecessary personal injury or property loss.


Question: What type of battery does this require? Does a chargeable battery come with it?

Answer: You don't need to purchase the battery, there is rechargeable battery inside.


Question: This is only for jump starting a car? Not charging a car battery?

Answer: That's correct.  


Question: Is there a cable available to charge a laptop at all?

Answer: It comes with a notebook connectors,DC output 12V.16V.19V.


Latest News:

At the beginning of 2019, We moved to a new office about 500 square meters in Bao'an district which is near Metro Station, It provide us with more convenience and comfortable working environment.

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