Auto Jumper Battery 12V

W601 is one of our multifunctional jump starters We designed and manufacture Professionally. 350A Peak And 12000mAh Super Safe Auto Jump Starter Battery With USB Charger (Only for Gas Engine Up to 4L) Built-in LED Light and Compass With Five Protection Functions.

Product Details

                                                                Auto Jumper Battery 12V (W601)


Packaging List:

Starting Power:


W601 Jump Starter Battery:


Car Starting Volts/Power:


Car Charger Cable(optional) :


Charging Input Mode:


Charging Adapter(15V1A):


Charging Time:


Smart Starting Clampers


Starting Current:


3-in-1 digital charging cable;


Peak Current:




USB Output:

5V/3.1A Max.(2.1A per port)

Tool Bag


LED Light Ration:


Color Box


Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature


Size of Product: (Unit: MM)     Weight / Product: 0.47KG


W601 is the most popular model of COOLBEAR brand car Battery Booster. Beside its function of starting a car in emergency, it can supply outdoor lighting, charge mobile phones and other portable electronics. We designed 5 protection functions and LCD screen to show the battery capacity, which make it much more safe and convenient to use

4-Portable Jump Starter(001)

COOLBEAR brand jump starter battery is made of Lithium battery, it is very small and light, and multifunctional. Its powerful LED lighting function, In addition to starting cars, the function of flashlight and SOS rescue signal light, which is more practical.12V/16V/19V output can charge laptops and 5V USB output can charge mobile phones and tablet PC.

Application 1: Start Cars

The special function of our car battery charger is to start cars when the car lead acid battery is out of power or dead, or other reasons the car not be started.

2-jumper battery(001)

Application 2: Super bright white light LED, flashing warning lights, and SOS signal lights, really good help in travel;

1-jump starter power bank(001)

Application 3: To Charge Portable Electronic Products

This portable car jumper starter is very useful and powerful. It can not only start cars in emergency, but also charge a variety of electronics. For example, 5V2.1A output (can power smartphones and other portable electronic products), 12V output (can charge routers and other products), 16V/19V output (can charge much more laptops ),which let people can use their electronic products anytime anywhere with enough power.

3- battery jump pack(001)

Application 3: To lead you to find way home

5-Portable Jump Starter With Compass(001)


  - Portable Car Jump Starter – Our portable jump starters are small in size and convenient to carry. They allow you to jump-start a car without any help of any other vehicle in seconds. Hence, it keeps the driver free from the stress of getting stranded on the road.


  - Jump Starter Booster - Our jump starter battery pack can help start a dead battery in a fraction of seconds. Our powerful jump starter booster box can start cars, boats, motorcycles and more.


  - Jump Starter Battery – You can buy jump starter battery from us which is easy to recharge, has heavy duty insulated clamps, three foot long jump starter cable and with warranty.


  - 3 in 1 Car Jump Starter – We offer you a product which is a compact, complete package including features of a car jump starter, jump starter power bank and LED emergency flash light. This product can start cars, trucks, motorcycles and many more with gas or diesels engine. Dual built-in USB charging ports can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and mobiles. Its LED light can be used for up to 120 hours when fully charged.


  - Lithium Jump Starter – These are the hottest selling automotive products these days. They are compact, lightweight, easy to store and considered best jump starters for diesel engines too. This jump starter pack has a heavy duty jump starter which can be charged and left for a year without recharging. It can charge your vehicle’s battery 30 times before actually needing to recharge it.


If you are looking for the best car battery jump starter Choose the company, who have well experience in that field and have these features given above. If i where in your place, i would Select COOLBEAR from LIPOWER ENERGY. They are the one who have the best experience with the above quality features.


Weight per Product


Shipping Weight per Product


Color Box Size237*180*65mm

Carton Size


Quantity per CTN


Weight per CTN


6-Jump Starter kit china supplier(001)


Q: How long is the jump starter cable? the car's battery and grounding spot are on opposite sides of the engine bay.

A: It's long enough to connect to the Positive and negative battery terminal on the battery. If you need to connect a grounding spot. i don’t think it's long enough. Or you can connect it to your jumper cable if you have one. and that can extend the length.


Q: Does included charger supports 220V or only works on 110? I am wondering to know if charger will work in Europe

A: This jump starter supports to 100V-240V.


Q: What is the output option for? And the different attachments?

A: Oupput is used for charging other devices. For DC output, you can switch between the different output voltages depending on what you are charging or powering.

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