Portable Car Starter Battery

We Can Supply 600A Peak And 12000mAh Super Safe Car Battery Charger With USB Output(Only for Gas Engine Up to 4.0L), With Smart Fvie Protection Functions And Built-in LED Light Battery Booster.
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Product Details

                                                     Portable Car Starter Battery (X600A)


Packaging List:

Starting Power:


Car Jump Starter X600A


Car Starting Volts/Power:


Car Charger Cable :


Charging Input Mode:


Charging Adapter(15V1A):


Charging Time:

3-4 hrs

Smart Starting Clampers


Starting Current:


3-in-1 digital charging cable;


Peak Current:




USB Output:

5V/3.1A Max.(2.1A per port)

Tool Bag


LED Light Ration:


Color Box


Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature


Size of Product: (Unit: MM)     Weight / Product: 0.466KG


X600A is the one model of COOLBEAR brand car jump starters. Beside its function of starting a car in emergency, It is multifunctional. it can supply outdoor lighting, charge mobile phones and other portable electronics. We designed LCD display to show the battery capacity, which make it much more safe and easy to use

3-car battery booster(001)

The jump starter is made of Lithium battery, it is very small and light. In addition to starting cars, its powerful LED flashlight function, SOS rescue signal light, which is more practical. USB 5V output can charge mobile phones and tablet PC. And keep you on line any time.


  - Start dead batteries with a compact, yet powerful lithium jump starter rated at 600 Amps - up to 30 jump starts on a single full charge.

  - Safely connect to any lead-acid battery with our ultra-safe, mistake-proof design featuring spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.

  - An integrated LED flashlight with three light modes, including high-flashing, strobe and emergency SOS; plus 5-hours of continuous run time.

  - Recharge smart phones, tablets, and other USB devices when you need them most; plus, recharge from any powered USB port. Also power 12-volt devices like tire pumps, inverters and more.

  - Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds on most gasoline engines up to 4. 0 liters and diesel engines up to 2. 0 liters.

  - Current 3S Rating:300A@3S

Application 1: Start Cars

  - Its special function is to start cars when the car battery is out of power or dead, or other reasons the car not be started. 

  - X600A Jump Starter is for lead acid batteries only. We've tried it on both. It is awesome on a lead acid starting battery.

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Application 2: Super bright white light LED, flashing warning lights, and SOS signal lights, really good help in travel;

5-car battery charger with LED light(001)

Application 3: To Charge Portable Electronic Products

Beside starting cars in emergency,the car battery charger can charge a variety of electronics. For example, 5V2.1A output port can power phones and other portable electronic products, 12V output can charge routers and other products, 19V output can charge much more laptops ,which let people can use their electronic products anytime anywhere;

2-portable jump start kit(001)

Application 4: Guiding The Lost Way

Unique compass design that will keep you from getting lost any where and any more!

4-battery jumper box with compass(001)


Paper carton for per Battery Jump Box, Then stripped with pallet. 



Color Box Size


Shipping Weight of Product


Carton Size


Quantity /CTN


Weight / CTN


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-We accept the following payment methods: 

-T/T in advance, L/C at sight. 


- Delivery time: 30 days after receipt of your deposit.

-Shipping will be worldwide via: By Air, by Sea.


-1 years manufacture warranty

-All products are 100% original new and tested again before shipment.Customers' satisfactory is our goal.


Question:How much remaining capacity can start a car?

Answer:Your jump starter will perform best when its battery is fully charged. If less than 30% charged, it may not be able to start your engine.


Question:How to connect the RED and Black clamps when starting my car?

Answer: Connect RED clamp to the positive of car battery and BLACK clamp to the negative. Don't connect the positive and negative polarity together when it's power on. Don't crank the engine for more than 3 seconds. Allow the jump starter to cool down for at least 30 seconds after each jump-start.


Question: start cable is melted because of too hot after start my car. Melt a little only, but isn't it a problem?

Answer: That is because the engine has been cranked for more than 4 seconds. Or the jump starter has not been cooled down for 30 seconds after each use. 

Can jump start a 24V truck battery from a 12V car battery without damage to the car?

Not easily, and you run the risk of ruining your car's electrical system if you do it wrong.


A truck's 24 volt system is usually supplied by two batteries wired in series, or four batteries wired in series/parallel, some have as many as six.


On a two battery system, you can jump from the 12 volt system, connecting to the ground side battery in the 24 volt system. When you do that, you are tapping into the middle of the 24 volt setup and when the truck's charging system takes over, you won't get a 24 volt surge into the 12 volt system.


If you attach to the other battery you will also get 12 volts. The danger is that if your ground contacts the truck's ground, the voltage will jump to 24 volts, frying your 12 volt system.


Even if you do it right, it will take a long time, as you are only charging one truck battery at a time. Most car alternators don't have the capacity to directly start a truck. Unless you have no other choice, be patient and wait for another truck to arrive and do it properly. There's a high price if you get it wrong.