Portable Jump Starter with USB Power Bank

Our model COOLBEAR C101, Peak 600A with Capacity 11000mAh Ultra Safe jump starter Battery With USB Output (Up to 3L Gas or 2L Diesel Engine), 12V Auto Jumper Battery With LCD Display screen. It is multifunctional, including jump start cars, lightening, USB charger, and more details please go on.
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Product Details

                                       Portable Jump Starter with USB Power Bank (C101)


Packaging List:

Starting Power:


C101 Jump Starter Battery:


Car Starting Volts/Power:


Car Charger Cable :


Charging Input Mode:


Charging Adapter(15V1A):


Charging Time:

3-4 hrs

Smart Clampers


Starting Current:


3-in-1 charging cable;


Peak Current:


User Manual


USB Output:

5V/3.1A Max.(2.1A per port)



LED Light Power:


Gift Box


Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature


Size of Product: (Unit: MM)     Weight / Product: 0.442KG

The C101 is an ultra-portable, lightweight and compact lithium-ion jump starter for 12-volt batteries. With it, you can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds - up to 20 times on a single full charged. With our smart jumper cables, it’s mistake-proof, making it safe for anyone to use, and features spark-proof and Short circuit protection technology, as well as reverse polarity protection. The C101 lithium jump starter integrates with a high-output 100 lumen LED flashlight with 5 light modes. including low, high, flashing, strobe and emergency SOS. It can hold its charge for up to one-year without being recharged. Its internal battery can be used to recharge any personal mobile devices like smart phones, tablets or any other USB device, can be recharged by any powered USB port, and holds its charge for up to one-year. It's rated at 900 Amps, and suitable for use on gasoline engines up to 5 Liters and diesel engines up to 1.6 Liters, such as a car, boat, lawn mower and more.

Include the C101, smart jumper clamps, USB charging cable, charger, microfiber storage bag, and a 1-Year Hassle-Free Limited Customer Support


The car emergency starter battery is a multifunctional portable power bank developed for car lovers and business people. Its special function is to start cars when the car battery is out of power or dead, or other reasons the car not be started. At the same time,it can supply outdoor lighting, charge mobile phones and other portable electronics. Jump starter is the real One of the must-have products outdoors.


CARLIAN brand jump starter is made of Lithium battery, it is very small in size and light in weight, and multifunctional. In addition to starting cars, it can also supply power for various portable electronics such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Especially its powerful LED lighting function, The lighting of Carlian brand Lithium battery jump stater generally has the function of flash or SOS rescue signal light, which is more practical.The special LCD display screen design Let you know the battery condition anytime anywhere.

Application 1: Start Cars

Its special function is to start cars when the car battery is out of power or dead, or other reasons the car not be started.

1-car battery doctor(001)

Application 2: Super bright white light LED, flashing warning lights, and SOS signal lights, really good help in travel;

3-Portable jump Starter(001)

Application 3: To Charge Portable Electronic Products

It not only can start cars in emergency, but also charge a variety of electronics. For example, 5V2.1A output (can power phones and other portable electronic products), 12V output (can charge routers and other products), 19V output (can charge most laptops ),which let people can use their electronic products anytime anywhere;

4-Portable power Bank(001)

Do you need a car battery jump starter?

Yes. Have you ever mistakenly left your car lights on overnight resulting in dead battery? Ever experienced a situation where your car battery goes dead in the middle of nowhere? You must have definitely imagined getting stranded in a dark area just as they show in horror movies. While you are alone and trapped in this situation and there isn’t any roadside assistance, the situation can become scarier. In order to avoid being the star of this horrific story, you can prepare a jump starter power bank yourself for basic circumstances.


So,A jump starter is a must-have for emergency situations where your battery is dead and you’re either far from home or all alone at night. Years ago you could depend on even a stranger to help you jump start your car. Unfortunately, except in rare cases, those days are gone.

Packaging and Shipping:

Paper carton for per jump starter power bank, Then stripped with pallet.

15-25 Days

  - Gift Box Dimension: 237 x180 x65mm 

  - Net Weight per unit: 0.442KG

  - Gross Weight per unit: 0.902KG

  - Quantity per Carton: 10 PCS per carton

  - Gross Weight per Carton: 9.7KG

  - Carton Size: 370 x340 x255cm

Payment term: 

  - 30% deposit by T/T in advance and balance before shipment or L/C at sight.

5-Jump Box(001)


What portable car battery jump starter can jump start 1.8 L turbo car battery from completely dead state 0 volts?

  - Firstly, if your battery has been drained to the point that it won't even light any interior lamps, no matter what you do, the battery will fail completely within the next 6–12 months. Budget for a replacement starting NOW or get a new one at your earliest convenience.


  - Secondly, once you get the car started, do NOT take it out on an interstate to "quickly recharge it completely"! Car batteries HATE ultra-quick charging. Let the engine idle or gas it lightly to put some more charge in it or drive only at slow speeds for an hour or two.


  - Thirdly, if you can, get a charger that will limit the charging current to just a few amps, like 2–5 A Max, and just let it sit there for a few hours. That will help to not damage the battery internally and maybe let it last longer before the inevitable failure.

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