Lithium Jump Starter

We Can Produce and Supply 13000mAh car lithium battery jump starter X920. It can boost up to 4L gasoline vehicles with the peak current 600A. It is ultra safe to use, because eight Protection Functions to protect it from short circuit, over- voltage, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, reverse-charge, reverse polarity.

Product Details

                                                               Lithium Jump Starter (X920)

Packaging List:

Starting Power:


X920 Jump Starter Battery:


Car Starting Volts/Power:


Car Charger Cable(optional) :


Quick Charge Input:


Smart Starting Clampers


Full Charging Time:

3 hrs

USB cables;


Starting Current:




Peak Current:


Tool Bag


USB Output:


Color Box


LED Light Ration:


Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature


Size of Product: (151*81*32 MM)    Weight / Product: 0.440KG

1-Car jumper battery(001)

In order to spend less time to charge smart phones, more and more people are looking for the portable battery jumper or car booster with quick charge technology. CARLIAN always introduce the best jump starter to the market. This model COOLBEAR X920 is equipped with fast charging function built-in input and output ports jump starter.

CARLIAN brand jump starter is made of Lithium battery, it is very small and light, and multifunctional. In addition to starting cars, its powerful LED lighting function, the function of flash or SOS rescue signal light, which is more practical.

2-Jump Starter Lithium Battery(001)

Quick charging features:

Output Slots:

Double fast charge USB outputs to charge two mobile phones at the same times.
If you will use this jump starter 13000mAh to charge your phone, and your smart phone battery is 2500mAh, the charging time to mobile phone will as below:
5V/2.4A port: around 40 minutes
9V/2A port : around 30 minutes

12V/1.5V port: around 30 minutes

Input Slots:

Coolbear Jump starter X920 battery capacity is 13000mAh, so it is equal to 48.1Wh,now full charge time to this model as below:
5V/2.4A around 4 hours
9V/2A around 2 hours 40 minutes
12V/1.5V around 2hours 40 minutes

3-Quick Charge jump starter battery(001)

How to use 12v lithium car starter battery to start your car?

* Please connect the clampers to jump starter 12V;

* Please connect red clamp of jump cable to car battery positive pole"+", and connect black clamp to car battery negative pole"-";

* Please go into car and start your engine;
* Please remove the clamps from the car battery.

4.How to start a car(001)

Application Features:

Its special function is to start cars when the car battery is out of power or dead, or other reasons the car not be started. With Super bright white light LED, flashing warning lights, and SOS signal lights, really good help in travel;

To Charge Portable Electronic Products. It can not only start cars in emergency, but also charge a variety of electronics. For example, 5V2.1A output (can power phones and other portable electronic products), 12V output (can charge routers and other products), 19V output (can charge much more laptops ),which let people can use their electronic products anytime anywhere;

Packaging and Shipping:

Paper carton for per bank battery, Then stripped with pallet.

20-25 Days



Color Box Size


Shipping Weight of Product


Carton Size


Quantity /CTN


Weight / CTN



Question: Can I use this jump starter to charge my mobile phone with Type c port?

Answer: Of course you can, The type c port support output and input. You can also use this type c port to charge the Jump Starter.


Question: Whats the difference between the 600a, 800a, 1000a and 2000a units? price seems to go up the more amps you buy. how does it affect performance?

Answer: The more amps the bigger the motor you can use it on.


Question: Could I leave these jumpers in my car? It gets really hot up to 95+ degree weather.

Answer:Don’t recommend it, It is a very tiny package and you could always carry it with you. In additional, you could use the device to charge your phone or laptop.

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