Smart Jumper Cables

Multi-protection Smart Jumper Cables with 8AWG Cable, 600A Jump Starter EC5 Connector Emergency COOLBEAR Clamp Booster Battery Clips for Car
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1-jump clampers(001)


1. LED LIGHT INDICATOR:The built-in LED light indicator and the beeping sound system showcase the working state of the clamps so that you know you’re using it in the correct way

2. 12V VEHICLES COMPATIBLE: Durable, long-lasting and efficient, the unit has a 10.5V-12.6V (±0.3) working voltage which is compatible with jump starters to boost any 12V vehicle up to 600A peak current

3. ANTI SHORT CONNECTION PROTECTION:Connect the red clip with the black clip when the power is on,No damage,no sparkle

4. ANTI OVER-DISCHARGE PROTECTION:Low voltage start,LED will flash at the frequency of 1HZ if the voltage is below 10.5V

5. ANTI -REVERSE CHARGE PROTECTION:After the car is started,Anti-reverse charge current is less than 1A 

Special Design Promise You Ultra Safe:  

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