Lithium Smart Home Battery 12V

LiFePo4 battery 12V 8Ah (LPE-12008F) designed and manufactured by LIPOWER ENERGY, is customized for house and business security alarm system battery replacement. Scan following table and send us your detail enquiry by email please:

Product Details

Product Parameters:

                                                       Lithium Smart Home Battery 12V (LPE-12008F)





Nominal Voltage


Battery Type

Lifepo4 Battery Cell 3.2V

Nominal Capacity




Inner Resistance


Cycle Life

3000 cycles @1C 100%DOD

Monthly Self-discharge Rate


Efficiency of Charge

100% @0.5C

Efficiency of Discharge

96~99% @1C

Max Charge Voltage


Charge Method


Charge Limit Voltage


Max Charging Current


Max Discharge Current


Max Continuous Discharge Current


Water Proof


Discharge Cut-off Voltage



Approx. 1Kg

Outer Case Material




                                                                                       Using Environment

Charge Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature


Lithium iron Phosphate Battery Key Features:

1. High temperature resistance: External temperature is 65℃, the internal temperature is as high as 95℃, when the battery discharges, the temperature can reach 160℃, the structure of the battery is safe and intact.

2. Small size and light weight:The volume of the lithium iron phosphate battery of the same specification capacity is 2/3 of the volume of the lead-acid battery, and the weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery.

3. Long cycle life: Cycle life is 10 times higher than lead-acid batteries, better reducing the cost of comprehensive use.

4. LFP battery has the lowest cost if considering its long cycle life.

5. LFP cell has 3.2V nominal working voltage and shall be cut-off power at 3.6-3.8V per cell during charging


Other Features:

1. Plug&Play for many applications which currently use traditional batteries.

2. Our advanced lithium batteries can be connected in series and parallel to provide power for a wide range of applications.

3. Each battery has built in Battery Management System(BMS) that optimizes the performance and safety of the battery by automatically balancing cells and protecting them from being over charged and over discharged,over current,over load,over temperature,over voltage.

4. Lithium ion battery has very low internal resistance.

5. Capable to deliver high current on demand and offers a long service life, even when deep-cycle.

6. Maintenance free, lighter than flooded lead acid battery.

7. Performs well at low temperature and has a low self-discharge.



LIPOWER ENERGY LiFePo4 batteries are excellent for the following applications with regard to size, Amp hour rating and proper terminal connections: emergency lights, lighted exit signs, battery backup (for Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Security Alarm Systems) and uninterruptible power supplies.

fire alarm battery

Certification & Test Report: CE,UL,RoHS, UN38.3, MSDS

Package and Shipping:

Wooden box (or package as per customer's request) per Lithium Alarm System Battery

Package includes: 1PC x Lithium Alarm System Battery

Leading time: 25-35 working days

Warranty: 24 months from the date of shipment and friendly quick response to clients'enquiries within 24hrs


Question:Is LiFePO4 the same as lithium ion?

Answer: Each LiFePO4 cells have a nominal voltage of about 3.2V or 3.3V. So lithium iron phosphate battery packs with the same capacity of a lithium ion cell will be larger, as it requires more cells in parallel to achieve the same capacity.


Question:What can LiFePO4 batteries be used for?

Answer: LiFePO4 batteries are best known for their strong safety superiority, the result of extremely stable chemistry. Phosphate-based batteries offer superior thermal and chemical stability which is safer than lithium-ion batteries made with other cathode materials.

You May Want to Know:

                                                                       Re-improvement of LFP

At present, the poor conductivity of LFP materials and the low lithium ion diffusion coefficient have always been the most important reasons hindering their practical application, which has prompted domestic and foreign scholars to improve the conductivity of LiMPO4. However, due to its extremely low electronic conductivity (10-10~10-9 S / cm), it is the most important factor limiting its practical application. A123 has been able to be modified by coating, substitution, and preparation of nano-scale materials. The method overcomes this shortcoming. Adding a conductive material In order to improve the electronic conductivity of FePO4 after delithiation, a conductive agent having good dispersibility, such as carbon black or carbon, can be introduced between LiMPO4 powders, which can improve the conductivity between particles and make use of LiMPO4. The efficiency is improved, and the reversible capacity can reach 95% of the theoretical value. Even under the high current charge and discharge conditions of Figure 5C, the cycle performance is very good.

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