48V Battery For Telecom

LiFePO4 battery pack 48V 50Ah is customized for telecom station by LIPOWER ENERGY. We are specialized in design, production and sale of Lithium-ion battery. For details, please go on:

Product Details

Technical Specifications:

                                                               48V Battery For Telecom Base (LPE4850-1530)



Cell Model

LFP battery cell 3.2V

Combination Mode


Nominal Capacity

50 Ah

Rated energy

2400Wh (2560Wh optional)

Initial Internal Resistance

<80mΩ (AC 1KHz)

Rated Voltage (V)

48V (51.2V optional)

Charge Cut-off Voltage


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Standard Charge Current

10A (0.2C)

Max. Charge Current


Standard Discharge Current


Max. Discharge Current


Charge Temperature


Discharge Temperature


Open Circuit Voltage

51 ~53.5V

Shell Type

Painted Metal



440 (L) x 438(W) x 132(H) mm (Exclude extended part,handle,wiring terminal)

479 (L) x 482.6(W) x 132(H) mm (Outer maximal dimension )


About 32.5 Kg

Compliance with

UL60950-1’EN60950-1,IEC60950-1,UL50, EN60950-22, and RoHS.


1. LCD display: Easy to know the status of voltage and remaining electricity.

2. Binding post output: large current output interface to increase conductive reliability.

3. Built-in Battery Management System (BMS): Short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, 485 telecommunication, etc.

4. 9000 times long cycle life LiFePO4 battery cell inside.

5. Data communication management: Precision work IC + TI charger management chip, accurate data transfer, accurate temperature control,battery pack safety, special handle, good low-temperature performance and long cycle life.

6. Long cycle life, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection values.

lifepo4 battery


Industrial machines, telecommunication emergency power supplies, etc.

lithium batteries


Wooden box per 48V LiFePO4 battery or customized package

Delivery time: 25-35 working days

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