How To Choose E-cig Battery

- Jun 13, 2019-

How to choose e-cigarette battery. As the investigation, you can found that 80% of accidents are related to e-cigarette battery failure, especially when the battery is charging. Then how to choose e-cigarette battery? This question almost is one problem on world, because so many people dont know Lithium battery, so let me tell you how to do.

According to a report released by the US Fire Department, most of the fires and explosions caused by e-cigarettes were related to e-cigarette batteries. From 2009 to 2014, at least 25 e-cigarette accidents were related to batteries. Therefore, for e-cigarette users, it is necessary to understand some basic knowledge of e-cigarette batteries, safety first!


1. What is power battery?
Lithium power battery can discharge at a higher rate.

Take LFP battery and NCM lithium battery as examples, although the entire material system of positive and negative electrode and structure are the same, the positive and negative electrode material particles of power lithium battery are finer than the ordinary type (Large surface, speed up the chemical reaction rate), the diaphragm material and the electrolyte used in power battery are more conductive. The number of cathode lug and anode lug are more  than normal battery (to reduce the internal resistance of the lug and permit through high current).

2.What is 18350,18650 and 26650?

They are the models of the power li ion battery. The first two digits refer to the battery's diameter and the last three digits are the height of the battery. For example, 18650 refers to a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18 mm and a length of 65 mm. The 26650 is a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 26 mm and a height of 65 mm.

3.How to use the multimeter measure resistance?

A. Adjust the multimeter using to the 200K position.

B. Calculate the resistance error by shorting the positive and negative hands.

C. Make the positive and negative hands of the multimeter touch with the positive and negative poles of the atomizer,  and let the reading value minus the error value to obtain the heating wire resistance value.

4. Can the batteries be connected in series? Is there any danger?

It is dangerous do like that, stop it please!

5.What is a damping tester? Do I have to use a damping tester when use electronic cigarettes?

The damping tester is a small box that can read the resistance value after the atomizer is installed. It is also called the resistance box. If you are Ecig APV mod user, you don't have to buy this tester. But if you are Ecig meck mod user, please make sure to measure the resistance accurately before use your atomizer.

6. How long can Ecig battery lasts?

How long the battery be used depends on what frequency and power of the e-cigarette you use. Generally, if the output power is about 15W, the battery can be used for one day. But it is better to have two spare batteries with you.

7. How to choose e-cigarette battery?

First of all, low-quality batteries without branding are not used!

If you use an atomizer with the resistance below 1 ohm, then you must use a battery with a discharge current bigger than 10 amps.

Regarding the charger, it is recommended to purchase a charger that matches the Ecig. The data shows that most battery accidents occur during charging. Don't put the e-cigarette battery in your pocket please, because coins and keys can easily cause the battery to be shorted and overheated. If you want to carry it with you, put one battery in a small box each then in your pocket or bag.

Charge the Ecig with unmatched charger may also cause the electronic cigarette to explode. These tragedies have occurred times.

This is all for today on how to choose an e-cigarette battery. I hope it can help you.