How To Use The Portable Power Station

- Jun 14, 2019-

Now LIPOWER ENERGY portable energy storage power supply is slowly known, but many people do not know how to use portable power station developed and produced by LIPOWER ENERGY. Now let's introduce the use of portable power supply briefly.

Please take out one LIPOWER A60 415Wh portable power station, and take how to use AC output for sample to introduce the way how to use the portable power station as following:

Step 1. Check the power of the load and ensure that it does not exceed the power rating of the power station. If it is exceeded, please use a portable AC/DC power supply with higher output power.

Step 2. Plug the load connector into the portable power station jack, turn on the power station master switch and then turn on the switch of the load.

Step 3. After use, please turn off the AC switch of the power station. After 10 seconds, the master switch will automatically turn off. If capacity of the portable power station is too low, please charge the battery for next use.

Please follow the operation steps strictly when use the potable power station, and make sure it is used in a cool, dry and airy environment far from gasoline or gas. This product can not be used close to a flammable or in corrosive gas environment; Charge A60 portable power station with the matched charger please.  It is recommended turn off any output of A60 when charge it. The A60 portable power station will self discharge or even exhausted capacity, after a long time no use, please make sure to charge it every 6 months.

AC output

 The power provided by the multifunctional portable AC/DC power station is the rated power. Generally, the power of devices smaller than A60 power, it can be used normally. However,some load’s starting power is often greater than A60’s rated power. For inductive load, its starting power is generally 6-8 times its rated power.  For example,the starting power of energy-saving lamp is dozens times battery rated power. If the starting power is much higher than the peak power of the power supply, Overload protection of A60 will work so that  it will turns off all the output automatically.


1.When the capacity of portable power supply A60 is insufficient, the power of load exceeds the portable power station or the ambient temperature is too high, the protection function of A60 portable power station will automatically work to turn off all the output ports.

2. You need to check the remaining capacity of the portable power supply and the power of the load When use the portable power bank.