Power LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery

- Jun 11, 2019-

The Li-ion battery LIPOWER ENERGY produce uses Lithium NCM, lithium manganese or lithium iron phosphate as cathode material, which is safer and service-longer than traditional lithium battery. Adopting special transversal draining technology which has high rate discharge, lithium iron phosphate battery can satisfy the large high-level output current requirement of electric car, electric motor car, electric automobile when climbing. By the international test of "the Li-ion battery for electric road vehicle", the cycle life of lithium manganese oxide reaches over 500 times and lithium iron phosphate over 2000 times even much higher. The company lithium battery has passed authentication of national light industry battery quantity monitoring center.

The bicycle lithium ion battery we produced has the character of safety and long circle life.
1. Bicycle lithium ion battery manganese positive electrode material and function electrolyte in order to raising the functions of high temperature resistant and restricting overcharging.
2. Using the explosion relief valve fittings in cylindrical battery. As the inside of pressure of battery reach to above 10kg, it will cut the power automatically. As the pressure reach to 15kg, the explosion relief valve will be open and relief the pressure. There are integrated temperature power fuse and low- pressure rupture disc in square battery. When the battery short circuit or the temperature reach to about 80¡æ, it can cut power. When the inside of battery has a certain pressure in any condition, the rupture disc will be opened right way in order to prevent bomb or fire.
3.For the special crafts we adapt, the function of battery¡¯s high power efficiency discharge are good. It can meet the demand of battery¡¯s large amount of electric outputting in motor bicycle starting and climbing.
4.We continually promote the technology and the quality of materials to optimize the cycle function and safety of our battery. According to the Requirements of cycle life test regulated in "The Rule of E-Vehicle Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery International", the cycle life for ithium manganese battery has reached more than 500 times, for lithium iron phosphate battery, more than 1000 times.


widely used in electric vehicle, electric scooter, electric motorcycle, golf cart, sightseeing vehicle, electric automobile, hybrid electric vehicle (HEVS), vehicle starting power, large scale equipment, stand-by power, emergency supply, portable power station, energy storage battery and so on.