Precautions Of Use Cylindrical Lithium Battery

- Jun 17, 2019-

Cautions !

High Rated Power Li-ion Batteries Might Catch Fire or Explosion If Misused or Mishandled!

.Do not store loose batteries in your pocket or purse.

.Do NOT let batteries come into contact with coins, keys or other metal objects, which might make the loose

battery short circuit, and might lead to fire and explosion hazard.

.Do not use a damaged, disassembled or wet battery please!

.Never remove the insulation sleeve on a battery please!

.Replace the batteries if they get damaged or wet.

.Do not pierce, strike, dent or disassemble the battery.

.If you e-Cig device gets damaged and the batteries are unable to replace, contact the manufacturer please!

.Check for visible damage, including the outer insulation sleeve please!

.Do not cover vent holes.

Warnings ! Risk of Personal Injury and Fire Hazard.

Do not use wrong lithium 18650 battery, always use a battery specially recommended and rated for your electronic device please !

.Do not install batteries by positive and negative pole reversed.

.Improper installation may cause personal injury or fire hazard.

.Do NOT mix different brands of batteries.

.Do NOT mixed use 18650 batteries with different capacity and charge levels.

.Do NOT use batteries with different discharge current ratings.

.Do NOT use old and new batteries together.

.If replace batteries in your e-Cigarette, please replace them all.

Do not expose your power 18650 batteries to extreme high or low temperature or under extreme pressure !

.Protect your batteries and electronic products by NOT leaving them in the sun, heat or freezing coled temperature.

.Do not store your lithium batteries or your device in your car!

.Do not heat the batteries or place close to fire.

.Avoid place the batteries in vacuum environment to prevent over-pressurization.

.Do NOT charge the batteries below 0℃/32℉ or above 45℃/113℉.

Handle Of Dangerous Conditions Might Happen.

. Stop using immediately if the battery emits an unusual odor, feels hot or changes color or shape.

.Dispose of used batteries properly please!