SKI Cooperates With US Companies To Develop Lithium Batteries With Doubled Performance

- Jul 12, 2019-

 According to foreign media reports, South Korea's largest energy and chemical company SK Innovation (SKI) announced that it will cooperate with Poly Plus Battery Company, a private company specializing in the development of the first rechargeable lithium metal battery, to jointly develop lithium metal batteries.

It is reported that the cooperation between the two parties is focused on Poly Plus's solid-state lithium anode laminate, which doubles the energy density and cycle life of rechargeable batteries. The goal of the cooperation between the two parties is to produce and test prototype batteries to demonstrate whether energy density and cycle life are increased due to increased volume and weight relative to existing lithium-ion batteries.


Headquartered in Berkeley, Calif., Poly Plus Battery Corporation has invented and patented a technology to protect electrodes for lithium metal batteries, which is the core technology for lithium-lithium batteries, lithium-air batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Scientists at Poly Plus Battery Company have invented a patented process that combines lithium metal with a continuous monolithic glass electrolyte. Battery validation in the lab indicates that continuous monolithic glass prevents dendrites and promotes lithium metal cycling.

It can be seen that the conductive glass separator is a key technology to promote the stability of the lithium metal battery. SKI plans to complete research on conductive glass separators by the end of 2021 and use them in the development of lithium metal batteries. This program is intended to successfully develop conductive glass separators to accelerate the commercialization of lithium metal batteries.


In addition, SKI will invest in the development of Poly Plus's conductive glass separators, and SKI is considering an equity investment in Poly Plus with a view to obtaining its technology license in the future.