What Is Portable Power Station

- Jun 25, 2019-

The portable energy storage power supply is a mobile power bank that integrates multiple voltage output. The main purpose of the product is to provide mobile power.


The development of industrial science and technology has greatly improved people's living standards, which make more and more people go outdoor frequently. And people feel the good of life, and the demand for mobile power is growing at the same time. The portable power station researched and developed and produced by LIPOWER ENERGY uses environment-friendly lithium-ion batteries, which makes the portable power station lighter, smaller, larger capacity, more convenient to carry, more labor-saving, more cost-effective! It is an ideal power supply equipment for family camping outdoors, so that let people in outdoor activities do not worry about power outages any more.


At the same time, a large number of outdoor workers, emergency personnel, military, geological exploration, archaeologists and other outdoor workers, they also need to use portable power in the outdoors, under the absence of electricity, difficult to work, the portable power station solves the problem. With the portable energy storage battery produced by LIPOWER ENERGY and a folding 80W solar panel, it solves the problem of outdoor power supply for the work, and bring great convenience to the outdoor work.


The portable power station battery developed by LIPOWER ENERGY has a very humanized design: dual AC output 110V 240V, to solve multi-channel power demand; DC 12V cigarette lighter output and DC 12V output, 3PCS USB5V output, 1PCS QC3.0 5V-12V USB output, and with LED light and LCD display, which make the battery be used greatly.LIPOWER ENERGY A60 portable power station can power the most electrical devices, such as mobile phones, telephones, digital cameras, mobile HD, tablets, laptops, LED lights, outdoor lighting, pumps, post and telecom, medical equipment, environmental instruments, etc.; it can also be used for the following areas such as finance, first aid, excavation, exploration, military, science, media, tourism, disaster relief, medical assistance, environmental protection and the areas with power shortages.


With people’s improvement of environment protection awareness on world, lithium-ion clean energy will soak through people's lives more and more. Soil, air and water will be more fresh and clear, and the earth will become better and better.