Lithium Ion Battery Replacement For IPhone 6

We can produce lithium ion battery replacement for iPhone series (iPhone 5S,iPhone 6,6S,6 plus,6S plus, iPhone 7,7 plus,iPhone 8,8 plus), with high voltage, super long cycle life up to 1000 times. So please contact us for more details:
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Product Details

Replacing An iPhone Battery:

Is your iPhone 6 battery draining quickly? Does your battery percentage jump?

These are signs of a worn out battery. All lithium batteries, today's standard battery type in electronics, wear out with time and with use. A drop in capacity can usually be noticed after six months. After 12 months (~300 charge cycles), it's common that the battery has lost 10-30% of its original capacity. Eventually, the battery will fail to keep the phone running stable and the phone could shut down in use or in standby mode.

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Product Specifications:

                                                                     Lithium Ion Battery Replacement For IPhone 6 (BA-iP6)



Model No.


Battery Type Li-ion Battery

Charge voltage


Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity 0.2C Discharge(From 4.35V to 3.4V )











Shipping voltage


Charge current


Max Charge Current









Max. discharge current


Discharge cut-off voltage



Operating temperature

Charging:       0℃~+45℃

Discharging:    -20℃~+60℃

Storage temperature

0℃~35℃(Recommend: 25±5℃)

Customers Should be charged to 40%~50% of the capacity when you store the cells

Battery dimension


9.7 x3.8 x0.3CM

Cell weight

Approx: 30.0±2g

new battery for iphone 6

Main Features:

1. Security Protections:1)Over charging protection 2)Restorge protection 3)Over load protection 4)Short circuit protection 5)Over temperature protection 6)Over power protection 7)Overcorrect protection 8)Battery Cell PTC protection 9)Over-voltage prote 10)Safeguard protection

apple iphone 6 battery replacement

2. Grade A+ battery: 100% new from manufacturer, original A level durable battery cells ensure fast charges and lower power consumption. 

iphone 6 battery replacement cost

3. High voltage battery cell ensure longer battery life (1000+ cycles ), high-speed, efficient charging. 1:1 size same as original iPhone battery. Full 1810mAh capacity, brand new 0 cycle.

iphone 6 battery mah

iphone 6 battery replacement near me

4. High Quality Premium Battery: Made from top-rate A premium battery cell, manufactured under strict quality control standards, UL, FCC, CE and ROHS certified.

Compatible with: Only work great for iPhone 6 , Model A1549 , A1586 and A1589

Easy to install:

Package included instruction manual, easy to install following manual step by step. Please watch some related battery replacement video guide before disassembling. Incorrect operation might damage your phone.



Color box per iPhone 6 lithium ion battery replacement or customized package

Packing content:1x iPhone 6 lithium ion battery replacement, 1xInstruction manual

Delivery time: 20-25 working days

Warranty: 12 months warranty from delivery date

apple iphone 6 battery


Question: Why battery connector does not fit?

Answer: Please check if you have bought and received wrong model battery, this battery is only for iPhone 6 (A1549 , A1586 and A1589) . Check the model number on the back of your phone .


Question: Why should I replace my mobile phone batteries?

Answer: The more you use your phone, the more capacity of its battery will fade away. It means that you will have to spend more time in charging and battery will last for a shorter time.


Question: Why phone can't turn on?

Answer: Make sure battery connector was connected correctly and charge phone for 15 minutes with original charger and cable. The charging needs to be charged to 5% before it can be turned on normally, If battery have exhausted battery power.


Question: Why the battery I bought is not fully charged after installation?

Answer: For security, battery is never full charged when leaving factory and testing. It’s normal that batteries level is between 5-80% charged when you first put into phone.


Question: Will I lose any date when changing my battery?

Answer: No data will be lost if the repair process is done correctly.

Question: The phone keeps rebooting and blinking apple logo? Unable to charge it to 100%? Can not hold a charge?

Answer: The ribbon cable does not connect well. Re-install the ribbon cable, check its connector and clip it hard.

Question: Install some apps to test battery life, and the wear of degree is much exaggerated after using several days.

Answer: All third-party APP such as "battery health" only shows a vague result for reference and have no authority, please take practicality as standard.

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