Portable Battery Power Station

LIPOWER ENERGY, We Can Produce Portable Battery Power Station P750, 750Wh Solar Generator Lithium Battery Backup Power Supply with 110-240V/300W(Peak 450W) AC Outlet for Outdoors Camping Fishing Emergency. Detailed information, please go on.
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Portable energy storage battery, make light and electric anytime anywhere. With the improvement of people's living standard, people travel and spend more and more time outdoors. For handheld electronic devices and laptops to work continuously, people need to recharge the devices. If camping at night, lighting is also needed. Under the marketing demand,  portable power supply, or lithium battery backup power station are developed to supply electricity outdoors. we design it with USB output port, 12V output, AC output and lighting function with LCD display. It is really convenient for charging your phone or laptops when you are on traveling road.

Our portable power station P750 has so many good features for your use:



6 Protection type:

Over current protection, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection

3 ways of charging:

Charge by Solar panel / Charge by Wall charger / Charge by car cig-lighter

How to use P750 to charge or power your electronic devices?

1) Turn on the power switch;

2) Put the AC load device into the 220V AC output interface ,the load power can not exceed300W;

3) Turn the AC output switch on to the AC output function, the AC output icon will show on the display. Make electronic devices connect with P750, the device can be powered then. The time between two times of starting the AC output should not less than 5 seconds.

4) Disconnect the devices after use and turn off the master switch.

How to use P750 to provide DC?

1) Turn on the power switch;

2) Connect DC devices into the corresponding DC output port. (Remarks: the power can not exceed 100W) 

3) Disconnect after use and turn off the master power switch.

You can use both AC and DC at same time, but please note that the total power of loads do not exceed the limit.

How to use Cig lighter output?

Insert car charger into cig-lighter into the device then the it can be used. When working, the cig lighter icon on the LCD screenis lighting.

USB 5V output

Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB output connector and the other end to the corresponding phone or digital product for charging. P750 has three independent USB TYPE A output, each output current 2A, with 2 independent USB TYPE C output,according to the agreement output 3.6V ~ 20V voltage, the maximum output current 3A. When the USB device is detected, the USB output icon of the LCD screen is lit and the OUTPUT icon on the right side of the display is lit.

Packaging and Shipping:

Paper box for per Portable Battery Power Station, Then 4PCS packaged in one carton and then stripped with pallet.

Delivery time: 15-25 Days

BOX size: 360*230*293mm 1PCS/BOX

Gross Weight: 8.2KG/BOX

For more detailed information , please call us or email to us. 

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