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Uninterruptible Power Supply (G500) is an on line UPS,which can supply surge protection for desktop pc, CPAP, laptop, workstations, networking devices and home entertainment systems, provides emergency power to lamps, lights, cell phones and small devices up to 500W, and prevent valuable documents, photos, videos, music files and playstation from loss or damage due to power outage. Perfect for camping or outdoor excursions. Versatile Outputs and Mini Size -- Pure-sine wave inverter. For details, please go on:
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Product Details

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Product Details:

G500 Portable Power Generator with UPS





Battery Capacity

3.7V 120AH 444WH

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer Battery

Output Power

500W (1000W peak)

Charging Time

Approx. 7~8 hrs


AC Input


4 x USB output (5V 1A/2.1A)

Solar Input (15V~18V 80W)

1 x Type C output (PD function optional)

3 x DC 12V/8A output (Max 10A)

Car charge input

4 x AC output,110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz

12V Cigarette Lighter

AC Output waveform

Ultra pure sine wave

Net Weight


Case Material

Aluminum Alloy


Silver/Black/Iron gray optional



Gross Weight


Using Environment

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature




Storage Temperature


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Selling Point:

1.G500 portable power station can be used for charge other electronic devices while charging, 4 ports AC output, It’s designed to supply pure sine wave AC power to various household appliances and outdoor equipment continuously.

2.Designed with 4 ports USB 5V output, 3 ports DC 12V output and 1 port TYPE-C output, which can meet the daily charging of various electronic devices with different voltage.

3.Battery cell adopt SANYO, Samsung,LG,Panasonic,Sony international brand as well as Chinese brand,like LIPOWER,BAK. High quality battery cell can ensure battery’s safety,stability,consistency and longer lifespan.

4.The internal circuit board has multiple protection circuit designs. It is equipped with 3 cooling fans to meet the sustainable 500W (peak 1000W) high power output without affecting stability and safety.

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3 ways to charge the Backup Power Supply (G500):

● AC Charge

When charging, the AC charging indicator will get red and turn green when fully charged, make sure to use the original power cord.

● Solar Charge

The solar panel used should be less than 18V 80W, the charging indicator light is red when charging, and turns green when fully charged.

● Car Charge

Please use the 12V car charger. 24V car charger is not allowed.

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portable power generator


1.Drones, Laptops, Electric scooter, Balancing scooter, Air pumps, Mini printers, Various lamps, Fish tank heater, Photography equipment, CPAP machine, Communication equipment, Medical equipment etc.

2.Suitable for daily occasion such as driving, Outdoor work, Camping picnics, Mountaineering adventures, Fire emergency, Military troops etc.

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What’s difference between Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave:

1. Pure sine wave is better than modified sine wave. Although the price is high, it can adapt to various loads and has no damage to electrical appliances, especially household appliances and motor loads.Generally, Modified sine wave is only a simple treatment of the rectangular wave. The output is still a rectangular wave. The rectangular wave can not fully drive the non-resistive load. When inductive load, it will damage each other. For example: not working, over heat, abnormal noise, over current, Breakdown and so on, This can short the lifespan of electrical appliances, which is the the defect of the waveform and can not make up. No body can change it till now.

2. The sine wave inverter and modified wave inverter are also different in the internal circuit. First of all, due to the problem of waveform modulation, the sine wave inverter must require the control of the software and the modulation of the inductor and capacitor. Therefore, in the sine wave inverter, the microcontroller and the inductor must be needed. The technical difficulty is also much higher than the modified wave inverter. As a result, the price of the sine wave inverter is much higher than that of the modified wave inverter.

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Certification:CE FCC RoHS

Package includes:

1.1 x 500W Portable Generator (UPS) x1

2.1x AC Charging Cable

3.1x DC Charging Cable

4.1x MC4 Adapter Cable (solar cable)

5.1x Car Charging Cable

6.1x User Manual

Packing in carton box or gift box per Portable Generator, Then stripped with pallet,carton box and gift box can be customized.

Shipment and Warranty:

Delivery time: 7 Days

Warranty: 12 months worry free warranty from delivery time, 24 hours friendly on line service.

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