Makita Drill Battery

Our 18V Lithium-Ion battery replacement for Makita Drill Battery, produced by LIENERGY, can charge faster and works longer than standard lithium-ion batteries,which produced by other factory. It can give you and your cordless tools unmatched performance and productivity to take on the most demanding applications.
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Product Details


Model No.

Makita Drill Battery Replacement (LB1850B)

Battery Capacity


Battery Type

Lithium ion Battery

Battery Cells

Imported full capacity battery cells









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Integrated LED battery charge level indicator allows user to monitor battery charge

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Product Advantage

The battery Protection Circuit Management has a single battery cell balance detection function and overcharge function.The safety performance has been greatly improved, and it is currently one of the safest battery replacement in the market.


Compatible with Battery replacement Part No.

194205-3,194309-1, BL1815, BL1830 ,LXT400, BL1840, BL1850, BL1860

Compatible with Makita power tool models

Makita BHP451,BHP451SFE,BDF451,BDF451Z,BDF452RFE,BTD140,BTD140SFE,BTD140Z

Makita BTW251,BSS501,BSS610,BSS610Z,BSS610SFE,BJR181,BJR181Z

Makita BJV180,BML184,BML185(FlashLight),BJS130,BDA350,BFS450,BHR202,BFR750

Makita BHP454,BTD141,BTDW251Z,BTP140,BTD141Z,BTD144Z

Makita BTD144,BTL063,BTL061,BTL063Z,BTL061Z,BHP452,BHR240,BHR240Z




Makita BDF452Z,BDF454Z,BFR450Z,BGA452Z,BHP452Z,BHP454Z,BHR202Z,BJR181Z,BJV180Z

Makita BSS610Z,BTD140Z,BTD142Z,BTD145Z,BTP140Z,BTW251Z,BTW450Z,BVR450Z

Makita BKP180Z,BGD800Z,BGD801Z,BVC350Z,BCF201Z,BCL180Z,BCS550Z,BDA351Z,BDF452Z,

Makita BFS450Z,BHP452Z,BJS130Z,BJS161Z,BPB180Z,BUB182Z BMR100

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Other Features

1. Provides up to 65% more run time per charge compared to the 18V 3.0Ah battery

2. Battery delivers consistent power and run time in extreme temperatures, even in winter (-4 degree F/-20 degree C)

3. Reaches a full charge in 45 minutes or less on the Makita Rapid Optimum Charger.

4. Impact-resistant outer case and shock-absorbing inner-liner are engineered to protect the battery


Kind Notes

1.Only work with Makita charger’s model no.:DC18RA DC18SC DC24SA.

2. Not compatible with BHR202 BHR241BHR242 BHR243

3.Please make sure the product that you are going to buy fits the brand,model and part number.

4.Please store it in a dry,clean,cool,away from heat and metal objects.

5.After use,it is recommended that the battery be cooled and then recharged.

6.When the battery is not used for a long time,it is recommended to charge the battery once a month.


Packaging and Shipping

Paper box per Battery Replacement for Makita Cordless Drill

Package content: Battery Replacement for Makita Cordless Drill 1PC.

Leading time: 20-25 Days.


Friendly warranty service with 12 month warranty, 24 hours online service.

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