Hitachi Replacement Battery 18V

LIPOWER ENERGY can produce various lithium ion battery replacement 12V, 18V, 21.6V,40V for world-class famous brand cordless power tools, like Dewalt cordless drill, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Makita chainsaw and cordless lawn mower and so on. More than 13 years of development and manufacturing experience makes us more professional on quality control, using experience and after-sale services.
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Product Details

Technical Data:

Model No.

Hitachi Replacement Battery 18V (LPE-BSL1830)




  6Ah (3Ah/4Ah/5Ah OPTIONAL)

Battery Type

  18650 Lithium battery

Cycle Life

  >500 times


  Black +Grey


1. Build-in Smart Technology: Integrated microchip prevents over charging, over discharge, over current, provides short circuit protection and steady voltage circuit, which can increase the life of the battery.

2. SAMSUNG,LG or SANYO international famous brand high quality battery cell is optional.

3. Products are CE, FCC and RoHS certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products; Not compatible with the Hitachi charger UC18YSL3,Only compatible with charger UC 18YKSL and Drill DS 18DJL.

4. Low self-discharge, maximum productivity, less downtime.

5. No memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.

hitachi cordless drill battery 

Compatible With PN & Model:

Hitachi C 18DSL, C 18DSL2, Hitachi C18DSLP4, CG 18DSDL

Hitachi CJ 18DSL, CJ 18DSLP4, Hitachi CR 18DSL, CR 18DSLP4

Hitachi DH 18DSL, DH 18DSLP4, Hitachi DS 18DBL, DS 18DSDL

Hitachi DS 18DSL, DV 18DBL, Hitachi DV 18DSDL, DV 18DSL

Hitachi FCG 18DAL, FCG 18DL, Hitachi G 18DSL, G 18DSLP4

Hitachi R 18DSL, RB 18DSL, Hitachi WH 18DBDL, WH 18DSAL

Hitachi WH 18DSDL, WH 18DSL, Hitachi WM 18DBL, WR 18DBDL

Hitachi WR 18DSDL, WR 18DSHL


Replacement Part Numbers:

330067, 330068, 330139, 330557, BSL 1815X, BSL 1830

hitachi 18v replacement battery

hitachi 18v battery replacement 

Battery Tips:

Battery Charging and Storage: Keep the battery healthy by cleaning dirty with a cotton swab and alcohol and also fully charged. Charging at any time will have no effect on the battery, holds a charge for up to 500 days.If you don't plan on using the Power Tool Battery for a month or more, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects and remember to recharge the batteries before using.


Package includes: 1 x Hitachi 18V Li-ion battery replacement

Leading time: 30 days,depended on your order quantity.

Guarantee: 12 months worry-free guarantee.