Products & Service Items

LIPOWER ENERGY specializing in Design, Research, Manufacture and Distribution Li-ion rechargeable battery; After more than 12 years of technical accumulation, production practice, market sales and brand promotion, we have formed lots of competitive advantage in major market areas.

Product Categories

1. Li-polymer battery: 60mAh-20000mAh cells

2. 3.7V cylindrical Li-ion battery 18650 and 26650 series.

3.Emergency Jump Starter / Engine batteries for car and motorcar; sports battery; ( with patented technology; material: LFP)

4. Power & Energy storage LFP battery: 10AH-200AH.

5. R&D of PCM & BMS for battery pack.

6. Solar energy street lamp Li-ion battery: 12V10AH-200AH series; 24V10AH-200AH series; 48V series; capability to the OEM orders.

7. R&D and production of Home Energy Storage System.

8. The production of UPS for telecom base or big SERVERS.

9. Lithium Battery pack for gardening tools,electric scissors

10. Li-ion battery pack for plane model, non-driving plane and Robot.11.1V-59.2V 2A-80A)

11.ODM orders for the big battery system project.

12.After-sales service for all the products in the warranty period with patience and caring.

Product Application Field

Handheld Electronic Equipment Battery: Pos Termina machinel, Industrial PDA,Tablet PC, Portable Printer, Handheld Scanner, Consumer Device and Currency Counter
Industrial Battery: Ultrasound Detector, Car Recorder, Handheld GIS, Emergency Light, Lighting Device, GPS
Medical Equipment Battery: ECG, Emergency Breathing Device, Infusion Pump, Beauty and Massage Device and Smart wearable Device,Electric Patient Bed and Wheelchair
Smart Home Battery: Smart Home Monitor, Robot, Cordless phones and Security Alarm System
Storage Back-up Battery: UPS, Energy Storage Station, Poratble power station, power bank

EV Battery: Li-ion battery for e-Bike and e-scooter, Low-speed car, 48V series EV battery.

Power tools: Handheld power tools and gardening tools, Li-ion battery for e-Scissor’s.

Main Features
• High energy density: 480~600Wh/L
• High platform Voltage: 3.7V to 3.8V
• Long cycle life: ≥ 500cycles (according to IEC61960-1, 1000 cycles super long cycle life)
• Excellent cells consistency and low internal Impedance
• Safety and reliability: It can go through various tests of UL1642, UL2054 or UL62133
• Low self-discharge: ≤15% per month (store at 20 degree Celsius and humidity 45~75% RH)
• Agile cell's dimensions is very good to design product customized
• Battery Management System: Smart BMS is available, including over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current and short-circuit protection, Balance charge, SOC calculation, Temperature detection and Communication protocol systems, it can achieve to use hardware and software protecting battery pack.
• Plastic Case: To meet Flame-proof, water-proof and drop testing etc.
• Environmental friendly: Total compliance with RoHS and REACH, etc.